The Best Tactile Bedside Lamps Of 2021

Useful and pleasant, bedside lamps justify their presence in your room for several reasons. Besides the decorative aspect, they also show their practicality when you need a little light, without requiring intervention of the main lighting on the ceiling. There are thousands of models, with many manufacturers offering their products, from the most original to the most practical. But those who have managed to stand out are: BKLicht BKL1088 which represents an example suitable for the office as for the dining room. A simple touch allows you to adjust it between 3 intensities. On the other hand, One Fire Lapin Miffy will be suitable specifically for a child’s room, by its design, but also its practical remote control.1. BKLicht 3-intensity tactile bedside lamp


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Touch Control Table Lamp Dimmable



One Fire Veilleuse Led Rechargeable USB



Touch Lamps for Bedrooms Set of 2,Small Lamps for Bedrooms



Lagro Modern Contemporary Accent Table Lamp



USB Table Lamp,Comzler Small Lamp



Touch Lamp Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Wake-Up Light



Modern Hroome LED Design Adjustable Dog



Portable Table Sensor Control Bedside Lamps



Night Lights for Kids, BAXIA Dimmable Bedside Lamp



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1. Touch Control Table Lamp Dimmable


The manufacturer plays the design card to create the desire of the consumer to own this lamp. Indeed, you can use it as a piece of decoration and lighting both at home and at the office.

The choice between two appearances is yours, in particular between the full ball, or the tulip. You can use this advantage as a basis to answer your question of where to buy the best touch bedside lamp. In this context, you just need to lightly press the base to select the level of brightness you want.


To take advantage of this feature, you must use an E14 halogen or AGL dimmable bulb. You will be able to fit each part perfectly, without risking contact between it and the ball. This decision also allows you to benefit from the possibilities of this tactile bedside lamp with 3 intensities, night light, 50% and 100%.


For the


Design: You have the choice between two appearances, namely the ball or the tulip. In any case, this equipment constitutes a beautiful piece of decoration.

Material: The selection of metal for the base, as well as the glass for the shade part gives this product class. The matte nickel finish sublimates the whole.

Touch: With a simple touch of your finger, you can set the type of lighting you want.


The cons


Bulb not supplied: You must look for the correct reference, at the risk of not being able to activate all the functionalities of this equipment.


2 . One Fire Veilleuse Led Rechargeable USB


When it comes to furnishing a child’s or even a baby’s room, the ability to decide which tactile bedside lamp to choose matters. Indeed, not all models are suitable for this category of users. The One Fire brand has in any case succeeded in combining the practical and playful aspect with this model in the shape of a rabbit, made of silicone, certified to RoHS and CE standards, to reassure you about the quality of the product.

For the fun side, this accessory has LEDs that can light up with seven color variations. The equipment works on a lithium ion battery which gives you a long autonomy. This tactile bedside lamp for children is activated with a light pressure, and offers three systems of illumination in night light, play of light and normal lighting.


The remote control allows you to program shutdown times after 15, 30 or 60 minutes, the time to let the child fall asleep.


For the


Manufacturing quality: The choice of silicone provides good assurance in the use of this luminous material. This accessory produces a balanced distribution of lighting, not to mention its softness to the touch and its handling without risk of injury, compared to metal or hard plastic.


Autonomy: When fully charged, this bedside lamp can serve as a night light for up to 10 hours continuously, enough to ensure a whole night’s sleep.


The cons


Unclear instructions for use: The instructions for use do not explicitly state all the functions of this lamp. You have to find out everything yourself.


  1. Touch Lamps for Bedrooms Set of 2,Small Lamps for Bedrooms


How to choose the best tactile bedside lamps of 2021? Start by checking whether the use is simple or rather complicated. If so, see if a manual will save you time in learning how to use it. The Jago brand meets your needs in this regard, because it provides you with a product with an elegant and practical design at the same time.

With this specific model, you benefit from the set of two, which will be especially suitable for those who like symmetry in their interior decoration. This category of designer touch bedside lamp will indeed allow you to dress in an elegant way all the parts of your house where you will put it.


The equipment works with a specific E14 dimmable bulb, and lights up with a simple touch on the base. The 3 levels of intensity follow one another according to the touches to find the adequate lighting, attenuated by the fabric shade.


For the


Dimensions: With almost 30 cm high and 12.5 cm in diameter for the base, this product can furnish a large space, in addition to being able to illuminate it.

Easy to use: A user manual is provided to help you understand the various capabilities of this lighting equipment, which also remain intuitive.


The cons


Price: This lamp is among the most expensive in its class, although it is offered in a set of two.

Compatible bulbs: The dimmer becomes useless if you put dimmable LEDs, it does not work, and the lamp will just turn on or off. 4. Trio-Leuchten 599000107 Table lamp in Matt Nickel

Trio-Lights 599000107


4.Lagro Modern Contemporary Accent Table Lamp


This table model proposed by Trio-Leuchten attracts attention with its simplistic design that does not leave you indifferent. Indeed, it can be a good alternative if you are not sure where to buy a new tactile bedside lamp. With its matte nickel and mat glass design, you also have five color choices, to better integrate it into the entire room where you are going to install it.

Like most products on the market, the bulb is not included, but you must purchase more to enjoy your lamp. E14 type and with a maximum power of 40 W, it nevertheless provides a lot of brightness, even in the weakest configuration of use.


To change the intensity, all you have to do is touch the lamp, taking care to avoid sudden movements so as not to risk breaking the lampshade, which is not fixed.


For the


Construction Material: The nickel coated metal foot, combined with the alabaster glass, and all in a matte finish brings a touch of elegance and exudes quality.

Power: Despite its small size, this gear is still pretty dazzling, even at its supposedly weakest level.


The cons


Dimensions: This accessory seems much too small to be used as a bedside lamp. On the other hand, it adds an unmistakable aesthetic aspect wherever it is.

Movable lampshade: This part of the product is not fixed correctly, impractical knowing that it is a tactile model.


  1. USB Table Lamp,Comzler Small Lamp Bedside Lamp with USB Port to Recharging Your Devices


With this model, the Encoft brand teaches you how to buy a touch bedside lamp with a better quality / price ratio. The product is not limited to representing a simple means of lighting, it also plays a decorative and practical role at the same time.


The base is made of metal with a smooth finish, with the aim of optimizing touch functions. Two 5V and 2.1A USB ports allow you to charge smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. The linen lampshade for its part provides a subdued diffusion of light, to impose a warmer atmosphere.


As this is an open model, good air circulation ensures the bulb is cooled, and therefore no risk of heat build-up or inflammation for the tissue. The set thus brings a touch of elegance to the room where you decide to install it, especially as the square shape inspires a resolutely modern design.


For the


Cable length: The power cord is 1.40 m long, which turns out to be enough not to use a power strip from a nightstand.

Functional USB ports: Since there are two of them, you have the possibility of recharging both your smartphone and any other equipment with a plug of this type.

Touch of elegance: The material, namely the polished metal for the base and the linen fabric for the lampshade, provides a beautiful decorative atmosphere.


The cons


Technical fault: This product tends to blow the weights after a few weeks of use.


  1. Touch Lamp Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Wake-Up Light


The innovative and practical technological contributions offered by this equipment could make Coolhood the best brand of tactile bedside lamps of the moment. The choice of aviation aluminum is well regarded to ensure the simplistic design sought to fit into a modern interior.

Its weight of 500 g contributes to the impression of solidity of the product, despite its rather fragile visual appearance. You can adjust the base angle of the circle depending on where you want your lamp to be or how you want it to look. For the practical part, the first functionality of this lamp is characterized by its tactile aspect. A simple touch on the ring allows you to turn it on, and also to adjust the power of the lighting to 3 intensities.


The LED bulb with eye protection ensures non-aggressive light distribution. On the other hand, the base materializes a wireless charging stand for compatible smartphones, which you just have to put there.


For the


Modern design: Represented by a base and a ring, this object fits perfectly into an idea of   contemporary decoration.

Flicker-free lighting: The LED lamp has an eye protection function that diffuses the light so that it does not injure the gaze.

Durability: This equipment is made from aviation aluminum, with a design that is both simplistic, yet tough to cover the technology it contains.


The cons


Wireless charging: This function is not operational on Xiaomi brand phones, which are however compatible, and currently represent a good share of the smartphone market.


  1. Modern Hroome LED Design Adjustable Dog


This accessory is shown to be the most efficient in terms of shape and adaptability. The various articulated parts allow the lamp to be positioned in several ways, to amuse your children if you place it in their room. The Aische wood that makes up almost all of the equipment offers a smooth and soft touch, with a natural tint contributing to its beauty.

The lampshade which acts as a head for the dog is the control part for switching on and off. It also accommodates a tactile button for adjusting the dimming of the light, to activate one of the three functions: the night light or the normal lighting, or the reading light.


For the latter case, you have the possibility of orienting the head of the animal to obtain the best angle of diffusion of the light. Small flat, this object does not meet the needs of those looking for a cheap product. For the


Original design: To please your children, this dog-shaped lamp will amuse them as much as it prevents them from staying in the dark. The manufacturer has also chosen a quality wood.


Multiple use: You can use this equipment as a night light, as a reading light or as additional lighting in the bedroom or at the office, thanks to the different variations of light intensity.


The cons


Long-term use not recommended: Several hours of use eventually soften the plastic. By expanding under the heat of the bulb, it exerts pressure on the screws which can then no longer hold it.


  1. Portable Table Sensor Control Bedside Lamps with Quick USB Charging Port


This wireless touch bedside lamp is versatile in many ways. For starters, the manufacturer designed it with a 1600 mAh lithium ion battery. It reaches its full charge in three hours, so that the equipment brings you its light for a minimum of eight hours.

Cable-free, it offers you the benefit of mobility, which is complemented by its adaptation to the room in which it is to be installed. You still have to choose between the thirteen color variations available for this product.


Technically, this lamp lights up by simply pressing its upper part. Holding this touch for three seconds helps you select the light diffusing tint, but you can also use a remote control to do this. The latter also launches the flash, strobe or fade capabilities, as well as the shutdown schedules after one, two, four or six hours depending on your needs.


For the


Long Battery Life: This lamp can light up for eight hours straight at its highest level. It can therefore provide the night light function for a whole night without running the risk of discharging the battery.


Soft colors: The light emitted comes in thirteen variations of hues. They are pleasant and do not attack the eyes, especially in the case of a night waking up.

Convenient: Since it does not require a wall power supply, you can place it anywhere.


The cons


Instructions for use: The instructions for use are delivered in several languages, except in French. Fortunately, the use of the remote control seems quite intuitive.


  1. Night Lights for Kids, BAXIA Dimmable Bedside Lamp


If you need to compare several models of tactile bedside lamps, this model offered by the Integral brand deserves your attention. Although it is small, it nonetheless benefits from a good level of technology, and even offers services worthy of the greatest.

Its sensitive strip helps you, for example, to play on the dimmer to adjust the intensity of light you need. A timer button also allows you to program an extinction after one hour, by pressing it for three seconds. We only regret that there are no other intermediate choices.


On the practical side, this equipment produces enough light to help you illuminate your nighttime obligations, such as breastfeeding or changing your baby’s diaper, but also during any other activity where you would need subdued light. If necessary, a USB input allows you to recharge your smartphone.


For the


Easy to use: This little lamp is controlled with your fingertips, in the true sense of the term. You can start the ignition and the intensity adjustment by tapping the touch bar intended for this purpose.


Memory: It retains the last power used.


The cons


Limited timer: You have no other programming choices for turning off the lamp, either you do not use it or you activate it for 60 minutes.

Distribution of energy sharing: When you charge a smartphone on the USB socket while your equipment is on, most of the electricity seems to be sucked into the phone.


10.ipow 2 Pcs Wireless Touch Lamp


This proposal from the Ipow brand will certainly appear at the bottom of the list in a price comparison. Its design, however, makes it an irrelevant article. Although it works on batteries and you have to stock up on it, it is versatile and demonstrates it by all the possibilities of use it offers.

You will take the opportunity to break the darkness of your room or to serve as a torch in your hallways in the event of a power cut. You just have to choose the lighting mode that suits you, either low or high intensity.


The advantage of touch makes your life easier, because you just have to run your hand over the surface of the lamp to activate it. Another practical aspect is characterized by the method of attachment. You have the choice between simple laying on a table, magnetic clips, or double-sided adhesive.


For the


Several possible uses: Although it is mainly a bedside lamp, you can still use it to illuminate passageways, to put mood lighting in the office or to read in a shared room without disturb your roommate.


Effectiveness of touch capability: One press is enough to turn it on, and one touch to adjust the light intensity.


The cons

Battery operated: Three 1.5 V AAA type alkaline generators are required to power the device.

Reduced range: You have only two possible lighting levels, namely strong and weak. Its use is therefore limited.

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