The Best Dressers Of 2022


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1.Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization, 7 drawer, Black



2.Walker Edison Tall Wood Dresser Bedroom Storage Drawer 



3.ClosetMaid 1306 Stackable 2 Drawer Horiztonal Organizer, Dark Cherry



4.Storkcraft Crescent 3 3 Drawer Chest, Pebble Gray



5.South Shore Helson 6-Drawer Double Dresser Seaside Pine, Coastal



6.Ikea Rast 3-Drawer Chest, Pine



7.Sauder Palladia Dresser, Select Cherry finish



8.IKEA Malm 2-drawer Chest White



Whether in a child’s room or that of an adult, you can not do without the dresser to store clothes or other personal items. Faced with stiff competition from manufacturers, we come across an infinite number of models on the market. Faced with the choices offered, we sometimes hesitate on which copy adapts to its real needs. To help you with this research, take a look at our buying guide. If you do not have time to consult it, prefer the articles of our classification below. Kallax Ikea Kullen Chest of drawers combines aesthetics and robustness, thanks to its oak finish. Otherwise, Devaise Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers is easy to move with the integrated casters.1. Kallax Ikea Kullen Chest of drawers

Black chest of drawers

Spotting the best chest of drawers takes enough time to acquire. If you’re the rush type, try a movable item. Devaise offers this kind of copy with its 4 integrated casters. Thanks to these, no effort is made when moving. You just have to push it in order to suck below, for example.

This article holds its place in this comparison, thanks to its multiple classification possibilities. With its 7 drawers, you say goodbye to your objects which are scattered all over the room. Each compartment holds 18 books. It can also hold your linens, paperwork or other accessories with a load capacity of 8.2 kg.

As for its assembly, it comes with the necessary tools in the packaging. The manufacturer provides detailed user instructions to help you go through the various assembly steps. Each part is also labeled to facilitate the operation.

For the

Easy to move: The chest of drawers is equipped with 4 wheels ensuring its transport throughout the house. As soon as you find a place for it, all you have to do is lock its 2 front tires.

7 drawers available: They give you enough space to organize your things. You will find yourself in a tidy room.

Easy installation: The detailed instructions in the manual allow you to quickly set up the furniture.

The cons

Lack of depth: As the boxes are not deep enough, we cannot insert large objects or several files superimposed on each other for illustration.


2.Walker Edison Tall Wood Dresser Bedroom Storage Drawer 

If the quest for the best performing chest of drawers tires you, this good-value copy should give you a boost. This article is in the cheapest range while it brings together many advantages.

Its shabby-style design appeals to most buyers. Timeless, the piece of furniture brings a retro look to the room while illuminating it with the dominance of white. Small in size, it is suitable for use in the bathroom. You can use it to store your personal belongings.Its manufacture in paulownia wood gives rise to its resistance. Even if you install it in a damp room, it will not damage it. Comfortable to use, this chest of drawers is equipped with handles of different shapes. They offer a good grip each time the drawers are opened. The product has 5 compartments to place your items.

For the

Advantageous price: This inexpensive version meets all budgets despite its obvious qualities.

Practical piece of furniture: It has handles that are easy to handle and comfortable to use. Its small dimensions also make it easy to move.

Ready for use : This cabinet is already assembled on delivery. This saves you time and effort. You can use it right out of the box.

The cons

Locking problem: It is advisable not to overfill the drawers, otherwise they will not close properly.


3.ClosetMaid 1306 Stackable 2 Drawer Horiztonal Organizer, Dark Cherry

Considering the quality of this product, Alkove comes close to the best brand of dressers. The designer offers a range of furniture that harmonizes easily with the article. It accompanies it with a mirror, a shoe closet and coat racks. Apart from its main roles, the ensemble embellishes the room.

The product gives the interior a touch of natural beauty with its composition in wild oak. The brand deliberately kept the original color of the solid wood to decorate the cabinet. It meets the FSC standard guaranteeing respect for the environment. Many manufacturers opt for this organic material, thanks to its strength and durability. You can benefit from it for a long time. Moreover, the dresser does not require any specific cleaning to maintain its condition. You just need to dust it regularly and you’re done.

For the

Complete Furniture Assortment: With this collection, you no longer have to look elsewhere for furniture that matches the dresser.

Natural look: The designer keeps the original color of the solid wood to bring an authentic style to the product.

Good Composition: The item is made from wild oak which is known for its longevity and sturdiness. It can thus last for years while remaining intact.

The cons

A little heavy: Due to its construction of solid wood, the product may appear imposing. The installation requires the intervention of another person.


If you prioritize the solidity of the furniture, choose this copy in solid pine and adorned with metal slides. So even if you open and close it by slamming the drawers a million times, it doesn’t suffer any damage. The handles hollowed out in the structure further underline the model’s longevity. Here you don’t have to worry about them coming loose or unscrewing.

These mini openings also allow the interior to breathe so that odors do not mix with it. By deciding to compare it to other copies, we notice that it does not have many drawers.

However, its 3 compartments reserve enough space for your items because of their depth and width. With the metal slides you can comfortably access the interior without the slightest noise.

To determine where to buy the best dresser, pay attention to the stability of the model. That of this article is guaranteed by its 4 rigid feet. They offer good load distribution so that the furniture does not move.

For the

Robust example: Its solid pine construction promotes its strength. The trunk does not wear out overnight despite banging, dust and humidity.

Spacious: 80 cm, the article leaves room for your linens so that everything is well organized in the room. You can enjoy each spacious box.

Stable model: It does not tend to move, thanks to its sturdy feet. They limit the risks that it tips over.

The cons

Tedious Assembly: A few buyers have difficulty assembling the dresser. They criticize the imprecision and insufficiency of the information cited in the leaflet.

6-drawer chest

Whether in the living room or the entrance, this item brings a touch of elegance and novelty to the room. Its white color illuminates and enlarges it. It combines with multiple shades to enhance the value of other furniture.

Space-saving, the product is perfect for small interiors. It is 45cm long, 30cm wide and 113cm high. There is no risk of obstructing the passage. You just need to install it against the wall and it stays in its corner.It offers up to 6 drawers allowing you to organize your clothes. It has sturdy feet ensuring its balance.

As for its composition, the brand chooses medium density fibreboards, thanks to their advantages. They don’t expand or warp over time. That’s not all, they are resistant to temperature changes as well as humidity.

For the

Small dimensions: The product is suitable for small rooms. Thanks to its small footprint, it allows you to save enough space for your various pieces of furniture.

Successful composition: With MDF or medium density fibreboard, the dresser has increased strength. As for its finish, the designer chooses nitrocellulose paint which guarantees its durability.

Already assembled on delivery: As soon as it arrives, it is used immediately. You are not wasting your time on its assembly.

The cons

Small drawer: It can only accommodate a smaller quantity of objects. Look for another location for large clothes.

Wooden chest of drawers

6.Ikea Rast 3-Drawer Chest, Pine

Although some of the customers consider this item to be a small dresser, its sturdiness catches up with its dimensions. Made of solid wood, it will not crumble from the slightest friction or knocking with the wall, door or other furniture when moving or assembling.

This natural finish also conquers many buyers, thanks to its durability. The furniture lasts longer without warping.

Its visual appearance appears simple, but modern. It gives you the option to customize it according to your wishes. You can paint it according to the style of decoration adopted. Easy to maintain, it can be easily dusted with a damp cloth. Although it easily shows stains, you wipe them off without pushing.

The dresser has 3 drawers that can hold up to 40 books each. One hour is enough to arrive at the end of its installation. It comes with an Allen key simplifying assembly. In any case, you should always bring a hammer and a screwdriver.

For the

Robust and durable finish: With its solid wood design, the piece of furniture rhymes with foolproof solidity. Tenacious, he accompanies you for a long time.

Easy Assembly: The dresser does not require any effort or time to assemble. You straighten it in less than an hour.

Practical drawers: They do not stick together. To this end, you get to open and close them gently.

The cons

Binding maintenance: If you want the furniture to last, you will need to apply one or more coats of varnish or paint. However, not everyone has the time or the hand for this. 8. Whaleycorn retro industrial style Vintage metal sideboard

To get away from fairly ordinary style furniture, why not go for an industrial look? Whaleycorn presents a chest of drawers with a retro charm reminiscent of old lockers in factories. Its vintage look becomes its original asset to attract the attention of your guests to it.

The sideboard is made of good quality metal. Unlike other materials, it does not rot and resists rust. Better yet, this finish promises good longevity.

This is why the furniture retains its aesthetic for many years. Thanks to its robustness, shocks and humidity do not scare it.

Added to this, this item stands out for its varied drawers. It offers you a number of places to store your linens, books or other documents and does not require any assembly after delivery. It pleases the less handymen among us.

For the

Multiple storage possibilities: This variation offers many drawers to help you organize your various items. You will thus demonstrate good organization.

Trendy Design: This model from Whaleycorn adopts an industrial style that is up to date. It goes well with other furniture.

No assembly required: After delivery, you can use it immediately. The manufacturer has already fitted it when it leaves the factory.

The cons

Heavy: With its 32 kg and its dimensions, you will need at least two to arrange it in the room. Put it down where it won’t have to move.

Children’s chest of drawers

7.Sauder Palladia Dresser, Select Cherry finish

Finding a kid’s buffet takes time. If you can’t locate it, take a look at this pattern. He fascinates young people and catches their attention with his pretty designs. These patterns are hand carved. The designer uses a variety of colors to stimulate the awakening of the little one.

The article has 7 drawers teaching him to sharpen his sense of organization. During its use, you do not have to worry about small incidents that may happen in your absence. The brand eliminates the risks by integrating a safety mechanism that prevents the furniture from falling.

It is made of resistant and reliable wood. This natural material does not release any toxic substance that harms the health of your treasure. The latter can thus use it without danger. Durable, the product accompanies it until it is big.

For the

Ingenious design: The chest of drawers brings educational values   to the child allowing him to develop his organizational capacity. The choice of various colors also awakens his intelligence.

Safe article: As it is aimed at young people, it is made with a natural material without dangerous products. In addition, it has a safety system to prevent it from overturning.

Several drawers: The chest of drawers has 7 compartments which accommodate various personal items.

The cons

Expensive furniture: Taking into consideration its small dimensions, it is expected that it will not cost much. Yet this item requires a significant expense.

Malm chest of drawers

8.IKEA Malm 2-drawer Chest White

If you’ve come to the end of this review, but haven’t yet identified which is the best dresser on the market, then this product from Ikea may tip the scales.

This is furniture from the Malm series. We offer the reference here entirely in white, but know that it is also available in black, bleached oak and dark red if you want to bring a remarkable visual touch to the room.

In terms of robustness, this piece of furniture is there. It has a wood fiber structure and effectively resists deterioration such as humidity. In addition, its cleaning does not require any particular effort. A wipe of a cloth is enough to remove dust deposits.

This specimen is in the drawer models category. It incorporates two compartments of 32 * 43 * 16 cm wide, deep and high each, to accommodate your belongings. The lockers are removed easily and without disturbing noise thanks to the sliding systems.

For the

Simple assembly : The assembly of this equipment is carried out without a hitch. In addition, you can get help from the manual with colorful and detailed instructions.

Double functionality: This 55 * 40 cm chest of drawers can also be used as a bedside table. It does not take up much space and can be installed next to your bed to receive your personal belongings.

Aesthetics : The elegant style of this piece of furniture will stand out in your bedroom. White is a versatile shade.

The cons

Heavy : For its dimensions, we are surprised that it weighs 18 kg.

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