The Best Bedside Lamps Of 2022


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1.Bedside Table Lamp, Touch Dimmable Night Light with 3 Color



2.IKEA (803.213.80) Classic Arstid Table Lamp, Brass Stand



3.Tomshine Crystal Table Lamps Silver Bedside Nightstand Lamp



4.DEWENWILS Bedside Table Lamp, Tripod Table Lamp Wood with Linen Fabric Shade



5.Cute Unicorn Lamp for Girls Bedroom, Kids Bedside Table Lamp



6.LED Cordless Table Lamp, USB Rechargeable Battery Energy Saving Desk Lamp 



The old models of bedside lamps and the new ones share the market today, making the task of the buyer more complicated than it seems. And between the new integrated technologies and the other features, we don’t know where to turn. It is therefore best to listen to the advice of the most experienced. These direct us to Kakanuo Tactile bedside lamp . This article is not only economical, because classified A ++, but also blends into any decor with its elegant design, and not only in the bedroom. Integral LED ILTL-WH Integral Touch Glow Bedside Lamp is a charming trinket on the bedside table with its striking aesthetic, but also adapts to different needs by its power variator.1. Kakanuo Touch Bedside Lamp

1.Bedside Table Lamp, Touch Dimmable Night Light with 3 Color

If you’re having trouble deciding which bedside lamp to choose, focus on the design. This one looks like a technology from the future with its bulb in the form of a screen and its palette of white plastic controls.

It is as much a practical tool in a child’s room or an office as a decorative object.

With its 2 W, it consumes almost nothing, and under its 12 cm long and 9 cm wide, it leaves room for other things where you put it. The buttons remain clearly visible even in a dimly lit environment on the white support, making them easier to use.

Moreover, by activating the 60 min timer, you do not risk waking the baby by making noise when entering the room. It turns off on its own. Mothers use it to put their children back to sleep when they wake up at night.

For the

A lamp for all needs: This lamp allows you to change the baby in the dark, but also serves as a night light according to the desired mode. You just need to vary the intensity.

Economical: Already lamp A does not consume much, it also has a timer to prevent it from staying on all night.

The cons

Requires a powerful charger: According to one buyer, if you don’t have one, you’ll need to get one. Another reported that this lamp does not work with all phones.

Ikea bedside lamp

Apart from furniture, Ikea also covets the title of the best brand of bedside lamps. Lovers of vintage objects would appreciate this pull-down lamp.

In its nickel-plated and white coating for the lampshade, it goes well with all wall colors. It fits just as well in a bedroom as in a living room or an office.Nickel is easily cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth. The cotton and polyester fabric more or less tolerates washing with the brush if necessary.

Of course, white gets dirty pretty quickly, especially if you let dust accumulate on it. So, remember to run a hand vacuum or a duster every now and then.

The item weighs heavy (2 kg). This not only demonstrates the quality of the product, but also ensures its stability. It will not tip over at the first gust of wind.

For the

A durable model: Its robustness, heavy weight and stability derive from its manufacturing materials. Nickel is one of the most resistant metals to use, just like cotton and polyester, which withstand repeated washing well.

Passepartout: We would not suspect that this is a bedside lamp if we saw this lampshade in a living room or an office. You can therefore freely divert its use.

The cons

A little too expensive: A few customers have found it more affordable directly from Ikea. Among distributors, they consider the margin far too high.

3.Tomshine Crystal Table Lamps Silver Bedside Nightstand Lamp

This silver crystal lamp is a decorative element in its own right in the room. The manufacturer insists on its aesthetics. For him, his creation would highlight a library or a place intended to welcome people. This greatly increases its scope of use.

The specimen, due to its iron structure and K crystal, is also very easy to clean. It does not retain dust or stains. And even if you don’t scrub it regularly, running the bristles of a brush or paintbrush will remove the bristles effortlessly.

The article has two USB ports on which it is possible to charge two phones or other electronic devices powered by a voltage of 5V / 2A at the same time.

Those who read, watch videos or text in bed will appreciate it. On the side of choosing the bulb, it is also not difficult. Both LEDs and incandescent with an E27 base suit it.

For the

Decorative: If you dreamed of buying an aesthetic lamp that is eye-catching, you are in good luck. Its crystal and silver coating makes it a unique model.

Versatile: In addition to giving charm to the space around, this reference can charge two phones or other electronic devices of the same kind through its USB ports.

The cons

Fragile parts: Some have noticed that the rhinestones and the wire used to hold them in place wear out quickly.

Wooden bedside lamp

4.DEWENWILS Bedside Table Lamp, Tripod Table Lamp Wood with Linen Fabric Shade

The rounded base allows the lamp to remain stable once you put it down. The 10.16 x 10.16 x 27.9 cm product fits tiny on a bedside table, small reading nook, or desk. You will have enough to put other accessories such as the telephone or your cup of hot drink.

Its white light due to the shade of the same color does not attack the eyes. It provides ambience in the frame, which is ideal for bedrooms.

For the

Wide bulb compatibility: It is possible to mount Led or incandescent bulbs according to your mood and to choose the power, as long as it is below 25 W thanks to the E14 socket.

Bulbs already supplied: In addition to the lamps, the manufacturer includes two energy-saving bulbs in the packaging.

The cons

Less durable wood: When it comes to longevity, wood doesn’t last as long as iron models, especially if you need to wet it to get rid of stains.

Bedside lamp for girl

5.Cute Unicorn Lamp for Girls Bedroom, Kids Bedside Table Lamp

Are you looking for a nice gift for a birth, a birthday or other special occasions? By choosing this personalized lamp, you will make many happy people. It is possible to engrave the first name of the person concerned and a drawing that she would like.

This model incorporates the good old on / off buttons, but can also be controlled remotely with voice thanks to the Google Home application.

You will then be able to turn it off from the door without risking waking the little one when he is asleep. He can also do it himself and you will have a good time teaching him how this lamp works.

White plastic, although it gets dirty quickly, regains its shine at the same speed. As it barely weighs (154g), your treasure is less likely to drop it when moving it.

For the

An original lamp: If we are looking to please children, we could well achieve it with this customizable product. It is a very beautiful memory that they will keep even when they have grown up.

Advanced model: It is possible to control this lamp from our comparison by voice via the Google Home application. Detail that will entertain young people even more.

The cons

Expensive: A parent thinks this model should cost $ 10 less, referring to its all-plastic body.

6.LED Cordless Table Lamp, USB Rechargeable Battery Energy Saving Desk LampĀ 

As it is articulated and can orient itself on a precise point, it spares your eyes in the dark and does not disturb those who sleep nearby. Moreover, the device incorporates a dimmer on 9 levels and 14 LEDs allowing it to meet all needs.

In its compact dimensions and shape, it goes with you and serves you anywhere. No need to mount it like other lamps or connect it to the mains

It lasts up to two days maximum if the battery is full for a charging time of only 4 hours on a computer or car charger. A light indicator lets you know when the battery is running low, so you won’t have any bad surprises.

For the

Passepartout: This 0.09 kg and 6.5 x 7.5 x 11.5 cm lamp will be useful at home, camping, in your vehicle, thanks to its clip-on side and battery power.

Good value for money: You might think that with all its strengths, this lamp costs the hair of the head in a price comparison, but on the contrary, its price is well below those of the competition.

The cons

Short lifespan: A customer reported that she stopped charging after 14 days of use without knowing why. 8. Aukey LED Bedside Lamp with Touch Control

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