The 7 Best Pillows Of 2022

The 7 Best Pillows Of 2022

Pledge of a leaden sleep, the pillow has adopted over the years the fruits of research and medicine to meet the increasingly precise requirements of the public. Today’s pillow has nothing to do with that of our ancestors, although the goose feather model still has many followers. Here’s a quick guide to guide you if you’re not sure which pillow to buy.


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1. Blue Hug Set of 2 Rectangular Pillows

Main advantage

The Blue Cuddle Pillow OCRZ60050 is an essential accessory to sleep in peace and fully enjoy your sleep every night.

1. Blue Hug Set of 2 Rectangular Pillows

This pillow will offer you comfort and firmness during your sleep thanks to its 100% cotton envelope which is a fabric well known to all for its softness.

Main drawback

Its only small drawback is the fact that this pillow does not come with a protective cover. Indeed, the Blue Hug OCRZ60050 pillow does not have a protective cover, which could prove to be useful for its protection in addition to its envelope that accompanies it.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This pillow is compliant and very optimized to have a good night’s sleep whether for an adult or for a child. It has a very good level of firmness and softness to provide you with more comfort and to support your head in the best position. Its manufacture in 100% cotton, its lightness and its quality are the best assets that make this pillow the best on the market and which has earned it this note.

Firm and very flexible

Who doesn’t want to sleep with a very soft pillow under their head for a good night’s sleep? But a pillow that combines flexibility and firmness is optimized for all people, whether they are adults or children. The Blue Hug pillow OCRZ60050 is therefore made for those who sleep in several positions at night, since a firm pillow is made for those who prefer to sleep with their backs and a soft, fluffy pillow for those who sleep on their stomach.

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With this pillow, you can be sure that your head is properly supported during your sleep. All the more so, since this pillow has elements that do not deform, because they are made of silicone hollow polyester balls, which gives its flexibility, but also its durability.

Convenient and compact

The practicality of this pillow is one of its strengths. Indeed, it has a zipper which is quite simple to handle and slide. This closure will allow you to add filling to the pillow or remove it according to your needs in terms of inflation and comfort.

But apart from this practicality, it is all the more compact though given that it is a very good quality pillow. It only weighs in the 600 grams, which gives you the freedom to be able to carry it wherever and whenever you want. Whether it’s to take it with you on your travels or just to move it from your bed when you arrange it.

Ease of maintenance

For a pillow, ease of maintenance is essential since it is necessary to know how to maintain it so that it is even healthier. The fact that the cover of the Blue Hug OCRZ60050 is made of 100% cotton percale which is a very easy to care for fabric gives you the possibility to be able to care for the pillow your way.

You can wash the pillow by hand as well as in the machine at 40 ° C, especially since it will only take a short time to dry it. So you can wash it in the morning and reuse it in the evening.

2.AmazonBasics Set of 2 pillows with cotton cover

AmazonBasics Microfiber is available to you as a set of 2 pillows and they are very suitable for both back sleepers and those who lean on their side. Since these items are made of microfiber, their use allows for a firm support to avoid tiring you when you sleep on them for hours.

2.AmazonBasics Set of 2 pillows with cotton cover

The interior of this model is made entirely of polyester. This material is appreciated by its ability to circulate air in order to offer you freshness when you use it. As for its outer part, it is made of 100% cotton which has a weight equivalent to 110 g / m 2 . This explains its ability to offer maximum comfort to each user.

The fabric that accompanies this accessory is hypoallergenic. It makes you enjoy healthy and hygienic use every time you are on it. In addition, be aware that it is machine washable at 60 ° C maximum showing the practicality of its maintenance. In terms of size, each of the components in this bundle measures 65 x 65cm to provide a very large space.

When choosing AmazonBasics Microfiber, you should know that it is a product worth checking out thanks to the importance of its strengths over its weaknesses.

For the

Quality materials: The microfiber of this product allows you to enjoy a firm hold and the cotton that constitutes it is particularly soft.

Polyester interior: Placed at its interior part, this product provides excellent air circulation.

Simple Care: Each of the pillows in this set is machine washable, meaning the user doesn’t have to strain to get them clean.

The cons

Different opinions on height: Some users find these pillows too high for their liking, while others feel that the pillows do not offer the correct height for their head support. These opinions are subjective.


3. Umi. Essentials Ergonomic Shape Memory Pillow

Neck pain? Insomnia? Or just need a good night’s sleep? Try the new ergonomic cervical memory foam pillow from UMI. Medium in size, light and soft, this pillow has been designed in 3 layers for more comfort. It is important to specify that this little treasure is padded with memory foam. Moreover, you can modify its quantity according to your needs, your habits and your desires.

3. Umi. Essentials Ergonomic Shape Memory Pillow

This foam, having been designed to remain firm, cool and comfortable all year round, remains insensitive to temperature. Not only does it not harden in cold weather, it also absorbs moisture so you don’t feel too hot. The pillowcase made from aloe vera also contributes by emphasizing better air circulation and therefore superior breathability. The pillowcase is machine washable and tumble dry.

Its ergonomic design, aimed at the well-being of the cervical vertebrae, gives it some orthopedic characteristics allowing comfort for the neck, back and shoulders. UMI’s cervical memory foam pillow is ideal for the elderly, office workers, but also students.

Moreover, you can totally rest on this soft cushion without fear, as it has been tested and certified by ISPA, CertiPUR-EU, as well as OEKO-TEX to ensure your safety and earn your confidence in the quality and durability. of this product.

For the

Comfort : The material is soft, comfortable, lightweight, and immunizes neck pain.

Memory foam : It does not lose its bounce, and quickly conforms to the shape of the user’s head after several nights.

Comes with a pillowcase : A pillowcase comes in the package. It is of high quality and is very easy to remove for washing.

The cons

Size : Slightly narrower and longer than average pillows, finding a suitable cover for it could be tricky.


4. Dodo Ergonomic Cerviconfort Pillow

Probably the best ergonomic pillow on the market, this model is made by Dodo, a French brand renowned for its seriousness and ease of innovation. The envelope entirely in cotton brings you all the softness of this natural material. It is lined with a shape memory cover whose cavity permanently offers stability to your neck and neck.

4. Dodo Ergonomic Cerviconfort Pillow

The ergonomic shape conforms perfectly to the curves of your body, which relieves both your spine and your neck. It therefore brings relaxation and relaxation which means restful sleep and well-being.

Very practical, this very hygienic pillow. Indeed, the cover can be removed and machine washed at a temperature of 40 ° C. The density of the foam is ideally balanced, which ensures a reduction in tension in the cervical and spine. Finally, it comes with a cover that makes it easy to transport when going on vacation or on the go.

DODO aims to offer its customers maximum comfort, so that they can enjoy better sleep. It is in this spirit that the DODO 70610 Ergonomic was designed, an easy-to-maintain shape memory pillow. The product lives up to the reputation of one of the best pillow brands on the market.

For the

Shape memory foam: You can say goodbye to neck pain thanks to the DODO 70610’s ability to conform to the shape of the cavity between the shoulder and the neck, thus balancing the pressures applied.

Maintenance and hygiene: It is easy to maintain. The internal cover can in fact be easily removed and put in the washing machine at 40 °, thus eliminating all dirt and bacteria.

Versatile: This model will suit all body types and people who usually sleep on their back as well as on their side.

The cons

Width a little tight: Some customers think that a little more centimeters in width would not have been too much.


5. Linens Limited Set of 2 polyester pillows

If you don’t know how to choose the best pillows of 2021, you can look at the features of this pillow. It comes in sets of 2, which allows couples to enjoy its benefits. Its dimensions of 48 x 74 cm are ideal to adapt to any bedding.

5. Linens Limited Set of 2 polyester pillows

These 2 pillows are white, which allows them to harmonize with any type of decoration in your room. In addition, the filling of these pillows is of an ideal thickness. This way your head is not raised too much while you sleep. They ensure optimal comfort while you sleep, so you can get off on the right foot when you wake up.

In order to guarantee better hygiene, these pillows are delivered with a pillow protector. These are also easy to maintain because they are machine washable. Made entirely of polyester, they are very soft, which promises you a light and restful sleep. Lastly, this is definitely the best pillow you will be able to find on the market in terms of quality / price, as it is marketed at a very affordable price. In short, a pleasant way to equip yourself with household linen without having to look at the expense!

By taking the time to compare the different pillows sold on the market, you may well be attracted to this Linens Limited Set of 2. This model made of hypoallergenic fibers has the particularity of being marketed at an unbeatable price.

For the

Quality / price ratio: This set of two pillows is one of the cheapest on the market. And yet, despite its low price, it has received a lot of positive feedback from consumers, proof that it remains efficient.

Maintenance: The pillow protector delivered with each pillow will allow you to benefit from better hygiene. It can indeed be machine washed. Bacteria will not survive a temperature of 40 °.

The cons

Soft: A few users who have been able to test the product find that it lacks firmness.


6. Vesgantti Mattress Thickness Springs

These two Sleepling microfiber pillows will provide the comfort you have always wanted in your sleep. With the wrong pillow, the neck is badly placed and may cause unwanted pain in the morning. This sleepling bundle solves your problems overnight. They are smooth, soft, have a perfect plump, and wash easily. If these pillows are among the most popular products in the range, it is not by pure chance.6. Vesgantti Mattress Thickness Springs

Polyester is known for its hypoallergenic properties. The sleepling comfort pillows use 100% polyester microfiber for their cover. Thanks to this cover, the risk of bacteria and mites being present is very low, if not zero. In addition to its anti-allergenic property, polyester microfiber stands out from other manufacturing materials by its softness.

It recalls the same sensation as pure cotton or even cashmere, causing a feeling of absolute well-being to the touch. A zipper is placed on the side to empty the pillow before washing the cover. The latter is washed in the normal cycle at a maximum temperature of 60 °. It is also machine dry. Above all, avoid dry cleaning.

The pillow foam is also made from polyester fibers, this time formed into hollow balls. These follow OEKO-TEX standard 100. Thus, any other mousse can be mixed with that of sleepling comfort to give it more volume. Just use the zipper on the side to remove some filling if the pillow is too bulky.

For the

Value for money : For the price of one pillow, you get two of a higher quality. Their dimensions are 65 x 65 cm. They easily fit into any double bed.

No Pillowcase Needed : No pillowcase is needed with this item. The cover is designed with a microfiber coating providing an exquisite softness to the touch.

The cons

Low Thickness : The amount of foam in the pillow can be very low for people looking for a thick and high pillow. It is then necessary to add more thanks to the closure installed on the side.


7. Blue Hug Pack of 2 White Volume Pillows

If you don’t know which is the best memory foam pillow on the market, look no further, this is the product for sure. Delivered in sets of 2, it allows you to match the pillows of your bed. It is made from an insulating fiber: a soft and silky material that perfectly takes the shape of your head. In this way, your cervicals and your neck are well supported, which allows you to fall into the arms of Morpheus with great serenity and without jerking. The silicone structure offers a better level of comfort, which considerably facilitates sleep.7. Blue Hug Pack of 2 White Volume Pillows

The dimension of the pillows 60 X 60 cm is ideal to adapt to all standard size double beds. In addition, these pillows are perfectly hygienic since they can very easily be machine washed. They are made in a very silky material, as an invitation to enjoy this softness permanently. Finally, the relatively affordable price of these pillows is a major advantage. These products are made by a renowned French company, a guarantee of quality and softness.

The Bleu Calin Volume set of 2 uses ISOLANE technology to give its pillow more filling and softness. If you appreciate these features and are looking for a quality product, then now you know which pillow to choose.

For the

ISOLANE technology: This high technology allows better air circulation thanks to the use of a three-dimensional silicone hollow fiber filling. This has the advantage of giving you more comfort and softness.

French manufacturing: Compliance with strict standards and submission to quality control give you the guarantee of acquiring a quality product that will meet your needs.

The cons

Pillow shape: The pillow would not keep its original shape and would tend to sag over time.

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