The 5 Best Double Beds Of 2022


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1.Novogratz 4296439N Kelly Bed with Storage, Queen, Dark Gray LinenMain advantage



2.DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawers - Full Size 



3. TUSEER Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Platform Base Wrought Iron Bed Frame



4.Amazon Basics Foldable, 14" Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly, No Box Spring Needed 



5.Double - Full Platform Storage Bed with 6 drawers



The 6 Best Double Beds (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Have you decided to buy a double bed? The previous guide gave you an idea of how to choose the best double beds of 2022. In what follows, we are going to present a selection of five double bed models that can help you choose better.

1.Novogratz 4296439N Kelly Bed with Storage, Queen, Dark Gray 

This bed is perfectly suited to small spaces, since it can also be used as a storage unit. Indeed, it has many drawers that can accommodate a large number of objects, below.

Main drawback

The small problem is that this bed does not come with its box spring. You will have to buy it separately. But the price of the two products combined is relatively affordable.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Made with solid pine, this bed is both sturdy and very comfortable. In addition, it is very functional, since it also offers storage space. An ideal model for those who have a little reduced space.

Main Features Explained

A two-in-one product

The first thing that users of Novogratz double beds have appreciated is their convenience. This model represents a very good investment, since it is a two-in-one piece of furniture. In addition to serving as a bed, it also has a large storage space below. Indeed, you will notice that you have at your disposal several drawers and lockers where you can store a number of accessories such as clothes, shoes and other personal effects.

In addition, it has two bedside tables on casters on each side, where you can store other accessories such as books, for example. In short, this bed can be a very good alternative for those who have a little reduced interior living space.

Comfortable bed

Since we spend a large part of our lives there, a bed worthy of the name should be comfortable and should have enough space for you to enjoy a good, restful sleep. The dimensions of this bed are as follows: it has a length of 211 cm, a width of 148 cm for a bed of 200 X 140 cm. According to the manufacturers, to enjoy optimal comfort, you should opt for a mattress with a minimum thickness of 14 cm.

Under these conditions, you will enjoy all the benefits of a comfortable bed, even if you are a tall person. And to finish with the dimensions, know that it has a height of 48 cm, perfect if you have young children. They will be able to access it easily, without risk of accident.

A solid model

This double bed is made with solid pine. The latter is in great demand in the manufacture of furniture for its strength and durability. It therefore goes without saying that Idimex Sabrina is quite reliable in terms of robustness. Indeed, those who work in the field of joinery will confirm it to you: this wood is of a resistance and a satisfactory durability.

Moreover, since this type of wood is a bit heavy, it is best to work with two people for the assembly. Otherwise, be sure to choose where you want to place it as well. This will save you having to move it around, because like we said it’s a bit heavy

2.DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawers – Full Size 

If you went on a comparison looking for the best 140 × 200 double bed, you might have come across the DHP Dakota model. Its faux leather upholstery and the synthetic stones embedded in the upholstery give this bed a modern and regal air at the same time.

Comes with a one-dimensional slatted base, this model is well padded making it very welcoming and plush, giving you a good restful night’s sleep.

The structure of the bed is made with solid pine, which gives it good strength. In addition, the bed also has a central slat with two support legs to further strengthen the stability of the entire structure. The feet of the bed are designed with very strong black plastic to support the whole.

The height of the legs of the bed is 10.5 cm. Measuring 149 x 73 x 205 cm, this bed perfectly complements the decor of a modern bedroom. Although this double bed is delivered in spare parts, its assembly is no problem if you follow the instructions in its assembly instructions.

Treat yourself to a royal sleep with thisDHP Dakota padded double bed. Called JOSY, this model stands out for its elegance and refinement. Above all, the comfort of sleepers will be assured.

For the

Very classy upholstery: upholstery Enjoy the style of this padded double bed in light-colored imitation leather cover. Synthetic stones have been encrusted to emphasize the class of this model. It will add character to your bedroom.

Very soft: DHP Dakota has been padded with great care to ensure optimal comfort for sleepers. This 149 x 73 x 205 cm double bed can easily accommodate two large people. Its slatted base is strong enough with two additional support legs which reinforce the structure.

The cons

Furniture delivered as a kit: This is a model that the manufacturer offers only as spare parts. The assembly could be tedious.3. Corium Upholstered Double Bed LED Lighting

3. TUSEER Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Platform Base Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Finding the perfect double bed to ensure maximum comfort is not always easy. Several criteria must be taken into account, including the price of the double bed. Are you looking for a double bed at an affordable price and have you already looked at the offers on comparison sites?

Maybe you will find what suits you in the Aingoo DB018 steel bed model. Combining elegance and design simplicity, this iron double bed will find its place in all types of rooms. Its very neat finish will give an air both chic and sober to your room.

If you like minimalist styles, this TUSEER bed model will suit you very well. If you have children, this bed is suitable for them due to its sturdiness.

Indeed, the lacquered steel tubes that make up the bed structure are stable and very strong. Measuring 196x 139 x 88.5cm, this steel double bed is perfect for dormitories. With a suitable height, the underside of the bed is perfectly accessible to the vacuum cleaner for dusting and you can store things there. The assembly of this bed is also easy.

In case you need to compare the best metal beds, be sure to include Aingoo DB018 to your list. This steel model has the advantage of being solid. Its simplicity makes it even more irresistible.

For the

Steel: All those who are tired of wooden beds that squeak or move after a while can opt for the DB018 model from the Aingoo brand. It has six feet, for exemplary stability. The steel tubes form a perfectly stable structure. It is a product made to last.

Simplicity: If you need a simple double bed, which adapts to all decorative styles, this model by Aingoo would be an excellent choice. With its 196 x 139 x 88.5 cm, this product will go well for the parents’ room or that of the guests.

The cons

Metallic model: This double bed may not be suitable for cocooning enthusiasts. Steel would be an unsuitable material if the chamber is to reflect smoothness.

4.Amazon Basics Foldable, 14″ Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly, No Box Spring Needed 

If you are looking for a double bed with a stable and sturdy structure, the Foldable model is among the best options that the market can offer you. With its completely powder-coated steel frame and plastic feet, the Foldable double bed can find its place in any type of bedroom.

Its elegant and timeless design does not leave you indifferent. For optimum comfort for your nights sleep, this double bed comes with a poplar wood slatted base.

This material enhances the stability of the bed structure. In addition, the materials in which it is made also help to ensure the impact and scratch resistance of this pretty model of double bed with box spring.

The assembly and assembly of the entire bed is not difficult since it comes with assembly tools and a well illustrated manual. Measuring 203 x 147 x 90 cm, the bed is wide enough and high enough for you to put things under it or vacuum it. Thanks to the steel that constitutes it, the bed is also easy to clean.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which double bed to choose, look no further, opt for TecTake 401723. It’s a sturdy model. In addition, its timeless design will easily integrate with all decorative styles.

For the

Timeless Style: This double bed has a design that will remain attractive even after decades. Over time, this model will gain in value and could even become a collector’s item.

Strength: Supplied with a poplar wood slatted base, this model provides lasting firm support. The safety of sleepers is assured.

Easy to assemble: The manufacturer accompanies this product with several tools for assembly. The installation will be done more easily. Then, the furniture delivered in a kit greatly facilitates transport.

The cons

Plastic feet: Even the best performing double bed does have its weak point. For model 401723, there are four, its feet are plastic.

5.Double – Full Platform Storage Bed with 6 drawers

If you are wondering which is the best double bed with storage on the market, those who have purchased the IDIMEX SABRINA model will confirm that it is one of them. Combining functionality and comfort in a single bed, this model is both a bed and an excellent storage unit.

The IDIMEX SABRINA indeed has several lockers and drawers where you can store your clothes and other belongings. In addition, this bed also gives you two rolling bedside tables on which you can put your books and your bedside lamp.

These tables slide easily under the bed if you don’t need them. Made with solid pine covered with natural and non-polluting white stain, this double bed is suitable for bedrooms with small spaces.

In fact, in one piece of furniture, you have both a bed, bedside tables and storage spaces consisting of two medium drawers and two large drawers on casters. To avoid hurting yourself, the edges and corners of the bed are rounded. With a dimension of 148 x 48.5 x 211 cm, the IDIMEX SABRINA double bed is easy to assemble.

Eligible for the title of the best brand of double beds on the market, IDIMEX offers a model that is both aesthetic and practical with SABRINA. The latter does not lack charm with its wood kept in its natural appearance.

For the

Functionality: The double bed impresses with its multiple storage compartments. The model has several side drawers. Unusual: the foot of the bed also accommodates two other sliding compartments. The built-in bedside table is another very appreciable detail on this product by IDIMEX.

Comfortable: Well-being will be there with this 148 x 211 cm double bed. It has a dimension that will suit even tall people. The height of this model reaches 48.5 cm.

The cons

Pine furniture: This model is entirely in treated pine. This low density wood is probably still the cheapest on the market, but it does not have good hardness. Pine tends to turn yellow over time.

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