The 5 Best Mattress Covers

The 5 Best Mattress Covers


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1.Mattress Protector Queen, Novilla Queen Mattress Protector Waterproof



2:Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad (Queen)





4.MERITLIFE Premium Cooling Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protector Mattress Pad Cover Fitted Breathable Bamboo



5.Mattress Protector Full Size Waterproof Mattress Cover Washable Soft Cotton 



1.Mattress Protector Queen, Novilla Queen Mattress Protector Waterproof

Main advantage

Made with 100% natural cotton fiber, this mattress cover gives you great comfort while you sleep. Waterproof and breathable, this cover effectively protects your mattress against humidity.

Main drawback

Some buyers of this model find that its finish leaves something to be desired. What constitutes the small flat of this cover for mattress.

A comfortable mattress cover

Designed to protect adult bed mattresses, the Savel 180x200cm cover stands out among other covers by the quality of its manufacturing material and the comfort it offers to its users. Made with 100% cotton, this cover will give you a soft and pleasant feeling when you lie on it. People with allergies will not fear for their health since the cover is made of natural fibers. You will also not feel any irritation on your skin. Indeed, cotton takes into account sensitive skin and respects them.

Besides the comfort it offers, this model also has a warming property which can be of great use to you during winter nights. You won’t be afraid of catching a cold when you sleep at night. In short, by opting for this model of cover, you choose comfort and well-being in your sleep.


2:Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad (Queen)

The dimension of 180 x 200 cm of this cover allows it to cover a mattress for an entire adult bed. Thanks to this generous dimension, your mattress will be well protected from anything that can damage it. All parts of the mattress are in fact well covered and are not exposed to dust and other dirt. Savel brand mattress covers are known to provide good protection for mattresses.

This model stands out from the others by its waterproof and breathable nature. Indeed, composed of a Polyurethane membrane, this cover prevents humidity from reaching your mattress. Besides protection against humidity, this membrane also proves to be an excellent barrier against dust mites. What makes this model of mattress cover ideal for allergy sufferers. In short, using this cover is beneficial not only for your mattress but also for your health.

An easy-to-clean and maintain mattress cover

A mattress cover requires frequent maintenance and cleaning to maintain perfect hygiene. So, your best bet is to opt for an easy-to-clean model when choosing your mattress cover. The Savel model that we present to you is easily machine washable at a temperature of 95 ° C.

Made with resistant fiber, this cover perfectly withstands high temperatures and is not likely to tear or deteriorate during washing. In addition, be aware that after washing this model does not need ironing. Indeed, the cover will easily regain its smooth appearance without having to go through an iron. Very aesthetic and with the right size, the model can completely cover your mattress and protect it effectively.2. Candide Taupe Changing Mat Cover

To keep your mattress free from stains, invisible bacteria and external aggressions, we recommend that you opt for a good quality and affordable mattress cover. Note here that the Candide 152192 changing mat cover is a sponge model with elastic on the edge to be able to attach to the mattress, while protecting the latter from dust and humidity. Entirely made of cotton, it offers ideal comfort, guaranteeing a peaceful night’s sleep and restful sleep. The cover is also very discreet, in that it does not emit noises even when the child or its occupant rolls over in their sleep.

It is also suitable for people suffering from allergies and who are very sensitive to synthetics and dust mites. Thanks to its elastic, the Candide 152192 mattress cover easily adapts to all changing mat sizes.

The other strong point of this product for bedding lies in the price assigned to it. Indeed, it is without hesitation that we claim that the Candide 152192 ranks among the best inexpensive mattress covers on the market. Finally, ease of maintenance and waterproofing are the main advantages of this accessory. In fact, its ease of absorption is very appreciable, especially during the hot season. Likewise, the mattress cover in question is washed at 60 ° C, without you having to worry for a single moment that it will rub off or shrink.

The Candide 152192 model is included in our ranking, because not only are there many people who have a positive opinion on it, but in addition, this cover is the cheapest at the moment.

For the :

A cotton terry mattress cover: Thanks to the nature of its fabric, this model is very absorbent.

Great for Changing Mats: This mattress cover was made to keep children comfortable on changing mats.

Silent cover: Unlike most models of the moment, the silence it shows is appreciable.

A mattress cover that adapts to all seasons : You can use it for your child, because in summer as in winter, it will remain pleasant.


3.FGZ Full Size Mattress Protector Bed Cover Waterproof Full Matressprotector

The Alpes Blanc Integrale mattress protector has been specially designed for mattresses from 15 to 25 cm thick. This model of mattress cover allows you to completely cover the bedding room thanks to its zipper system on the side. Buying this protective object will allow you to give a second youth to your mattress, which should no longer be intact after long years of use.

Its blue and white damask fabric, which is of very good quality, gives a touch of class to the furniture it dresses. Made of 50% cotton and polyester, this mattress cover is easy to wash and hardly deforms when dried. In addition, its micro-breathable ventilation system allows the occupant of the bed not to release heat, and consequently, not to wet the bed with perspiration.

In addition, its 190 cm long and 140 cm wide allow it to accommodate a mattress for two people, without making folds and while closing easily thanks to its flap. Finally, know that this mattress cover can be reused even after several washes, unlike those which are very thick, but which do not last long, as incredible as it may seem.

Admittedly, the Alpes Blanc Intégrale mattress cover is not the most efficient at the moment, but it is still trustworthy.

For the :

A cover made for thick mattresses: If you have a mattress that is 15 to 25 cm thick, this model is for you.

It can really protect your mattress: Thanks to this cover, you will be able to keep the beauty of your mattress for years to come.

A comfortable mattress cover: Since this model is comfortable, you can sleep on both ears with it.


Always check the dimensions before confirming the order: This mattress cover is a real bargain, but you will still need to check its dimensions before confirming your order so as not to make a bad buy.


4.MERITLIFE Premium Cooling Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protector Mattress Pad Cover Fitted Breathable Bamboo

This mattress cover benefits from advanced Bi-Ome technology to protect it against mold, bacteria and especially dust mites. As these little animals cause allergic reactions, they make sensitive sleepers suffer. Fortunately, the Dreamzie brand uses special treatment for safe use. In this sense, you can use it without any problem, whatever your state of health.

The draw sheet is made of 100% cotton fabric which is not only a healthy material, but above all silky. To this end, it promises you optimal comfort with each use for a long, restful sleep. Due to its natural material design, the product can be suitable for children. Unlike other accessories of the same kind, this one does not cause any skin irritation.

To accentuate the comfort of use, the membrane of the cover is made of polyurethane. This finish is particularly known for its resistance to humidity. Whether it’s urine or sweat, all of these factors will no longer damage your bed. Despite this liquid barrier, the product allows air to pass through. It has good ventilation. Moreover, its thin layer is able to effectively retain the sensations of your mattress.


For the :

Treatment against allergens: To protect people suffering from allergy, the brand uses the technology called Bi-Ome. It eliminates dust mites, pollen and bacteria.

Natural material finish : The product is made of 100% cotton to ensure safe use. Your skin will thus be preserved from any irritation.

Waterproof cover : For maximum comfort, it does not allow bodily fluids to penetrate. Even if you sweat a lot at night, you can still sleep comfortably.

Easy to use : Easy to put on, this mattress pad is suitable for mattresses up to 30 cm thick. As for its maintenance, it can be machine cleaned at 60 ° C, it is even compatible with the tumble dryer at low temperature.


Life in doubt : Considering the lightness of the article, a customer wonders if it can hold out long enough. The veil edge cannot withstand frequent washing. Its maintenance requires caution.


5.Mattress Protector Full Size Waterproof Mattress Cover Washable Soft Cotton 

As its name suggests, the anti-dust mite mattress cover has the function of protecting. This Bedsure cover is not only waterproof, but also has an anti-mite property. The surface of this cover has been specially designed to prevent bedbugs from getting stuck in the mattress.

All you have to do is apply the appropriate products to permanently eradicate them from your accessory. Regarding its maintenance, it is recommended to wash it in cold water. He can go to the machine. If you prefer to put it in the dryer, consider choosing the low temperature to preserve the quality of its fabric.

By incorporating a zipper system, you can remove and install it easily. This system also contributes to improving the level of product safety. This anti-dust mite mattress cover is available with dimensions 29.1 x 28.8 x 7.8 cm. It is compatible with a mattress of 17 to 25 cm.

For the :

Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector : Made from hypoallergenic microfiber materials, this model is suitable for people with sensitive skin and babies.

Multifunction : Besides its protective function, this cover will give your mattress a smooth appearance.

Robust model : Despite its relatively small thickness, it does not warp even if it is often machine washed. This is not the case with most models on the market, according to the statements of some users who have been able to compare on the market.

Quiet rustle : Unlike other models on the market, this one does not emit any noise.


Doesn’t Prevent Sweating: Sure, it’s a waterproof model, but sometimes it’s necessary to use a mattress topper to reduce sweating.

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