The 3 Best Latex Mattresses Of 2022

The 3 Best Latex Mattresses Of 2022

In the first part of this page, we explained how to choose the best latex mattresses of 2021. In this second part, we will give you a comparison of the best mattresses that we have found on the market.


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1. Naturalex Supervisco Mattress 160 × 200 cm

Main advantage

This naturalex latex mattress is especially appreciated for the comfort it offers. To help you get restful sleep, it offers seven comfort zones.

Naturalex Supervisco Mattress 160 × 200 cm

Main drawback

Some users find this mattress a bit too firm. For people looking for firmness in a bed, this is a perfect model.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

Naturalex latex mattresses are very comfortable. For this, we give them a score of 9.9 out of 10.

Main Features Explained


Comfort is the first thing you look for when selecting a mattress. The Naturalex ART2800 meets this expectation. In order to offer you maximum comfort during sleep or during your rest, this model is presented with a thickness of 25 cm. You will spend a pleasant night on it thanks to its two layers of Thermos oft ® foam of 80 kg / m³ and 90 kg / m³.

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It is also padded with a blue Latex® foam with a density of 35 kg / m³, a guarantee of optimized softness and comfort. For restful sleep, Naturalex ART2800 provides you with seven comfort zones. The mattress effectively supports areas of your body to prevent pain in the pelvis, neck and spine. With this mattress, your moments of rest will be spent in total comfort.

High quality equipment

Since this is a large latex mattress 160 x 200 cm in size, it offers you enough space to sleep or rest comfortably. This model seduces for its superior quality. It has been designed to ensure maximum durability. This way, you won’t have to change sleeping arrangements all the time. It provides you with effective support in addition to increased comfort and optimized heat capacity.

It has all the criteria of a good mattress: comfortable, firm, large and airy. Thanks to its memory foam, it returns to its original shape every time. It will accompany you in your sleep longer. Naturalex ART2800 includes a Blue Latex® core, Thermos oft® foam and a firm structure at the right thickness.

A well ventilated double face

In addition to the comfort and support it offers, this model is practical. Indeed, it has a double-sided, which allows you to use it in any season. Its winter side is made of thick cotton fabric. Thus, the mattress keeps you toasty warm on frosty nights. Naturalex ART2800 also includes a summer side made of honeycomb fabric. Thanks to this material, this bedding effectively evacuates moisture and heat to ensure your comfort, whatever the temperature in the room.

You will stay cool all night long. In order to provide maximum freshness, this item is equipped with the Air Fresh® system. Thus, you benefit from optimal ventilation, which allows you to sleep on a mattress that is always dry. Even when you sweat a lot, you will enjoy a pleasant thermal comfort when installed on it.


2. Marckonfort Latex Mattress 140X190 Olympe

The Marckonfort latex mattress has firm support. In terms of technology, this article favors foam and latex, hence its optimal comfort. The duvet is more or less 30 cm thick. The upper plate is also made of stretch ticking with 290 gr / m 2 of polyester. To this element are added 2 cm of soft foam with cocooning effect and 1 cm of latex, in addition to 450 g of polyester fibers. The lower tray has a high ventilation system with 3D polyester anti-humidity. The fabric used allows air circulation.

2. Marckonfort Latex Mattress 140X190 Olympe

This technique guarantees better ventilation and good hygiene. In contact with the skin, the flower bed leaves a pleasant sensation of softness. The core displays 23 cm of high density foam, used to reduce pressure during your rest. The adaptive latex mattress has 7 comfort zones to ensure your rest. To ensure compatibility, the borders have been stitched specially designed for this purpose. It is clear that this product has natural components.

This designer mattress is covered with a special fabric. The surface has in fact been treated to reduce or even eradicate the presence of mites, molds and all other microbes. This special treatment thus reduces the risk of contracting an allergy, especially in young children. For the sake of hygiene, the item will be transported and delivered rolled up. It is therefore advisable to wait for 48 hours before the mattress returns to its original shape.

For the

A shape memory model: This Marckonfort mattress memorizes your shape when you rest. In this way, the foam of the duvet gives you all the comfort you will need. High durability: The duvet favors perennial materials. The product therefore guarantees great durability. Antiallergic treatment: The surface has been treated by specialists to reduce the presence of mites and microbes to nothing. This initiative greatly benefits children prone to allergies and chronic coughs.

The cons

Mattress a little hard: This is especially felt during the first use.

3. King of Dreams Natural Mattress 90 × 200 Latex

If you consider that the best latex mattress should be a natural latex mattress for the different virtues of this material, in particular the fact that it is made of non-polluting materials and for its anti dust mites, antibacterial and hypoallergenic attributes, then we offer you this King of Dreams mattress which, in addition to displaying the “natural latex” label, is sold inexpensively.

3. King of Dreams Natural Mattress 90 × 200 Latex

What we offer you in this comparison is the 80 x 190 cm mattress, but this mattress is available in different sizes, which can even go up to the size 200 x 200 cm, so you can easily find what you are looking for.



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