The 8 Best Dressing Tables Of 2022


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1.Roundhill Furniture Sanlo Wooden Vanity | Make Up Table and Stool Set | White



2.SFFZY with Mirror Home Bedroom Multifunctional Girl Small Dressing Table with Makeup Stool



3.VASAGLE Vanity Set Dressing Table with Mirror, 10 Light Bulbs



4.FRECHI FURNITURE Home Furnishing 2 Piece Home Furnishing Stool Set & Vanity.



5.Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set



6.SPSUPE Vanity 4 Storage Drawers, Makeup Set with Large Mirror and Hollow Pattern



7.YADSHENG Dressing Table Makeup Stool Combination



8.SFFZY Modern Dressing Table with Mirror and Stool



If you don’t know where to store your tubes of nail polish, makeup palettes, cosmetics and jewelry, get a dressing table. This type of furniture offers a lot of space in order to be able to have all the objects you will need on a daily basis. In addition, it adds charm and brings a decorative touch to your room. To help you choose the model that suits you, in this guide, we offer you a ranking of the best furniture in this field. There is for example Ikea 102.036.10 which will surprise you with its simplicity, but also its great practicality. You may also like Didian Pkm45-004 which is an elegant corner cabinet, but above all not bulky.

1.Roundhill Furniture Sanlo Wooden Vanity | Make Up Table and Stool Set | White

If you care about the environment, trust Ikea products. In the case of this furniture, at least 50% of its weight which is 22.55 kg is made from materials which are renewable. But that’s not all, since it’s also functional. Indeed, it offers a lot of storage space for your cosmetic pallets and beauty accessories thanks to its drawer with a length of 148 cm and whose bottom is made of felt.

Its surface is covered with a high resistance tempered glass top. So you won’t have to worry about possible stains, as it is very easy to clean. Just run a cloth soaked in water or window liquid to dry everything.

The table top is finished with acrylic paint which is also easy to maintain, as you will be able to use only mild detergent. In addition, this equipment can be wall mounted to prevent tipping.

For the

Washing: The acrylic paint coating of the structure allows easy cleaning. To do this, use a cloth dipped in mild detergent and wipe with a dry cloth.

Ecological: At least 50% of its weight is made with renewable products, proving that the brand promotes environmental protection.

Top: The surface is covered with high quality tempered glass, which will help you get rid of stains easily.

The cons

Drawer: It only opens halfway because of the stop that prevents it from unfolding until the end. The fund is therefore difficult to exploit.

Corner dressing table

2.SFFZY with Mirror Home Bedroom Multifunctional Girl Small Dressing Table with Makeup Stool

Even if your bedroom is not spacious enough, you can still make use of this piece of furniture. Its main strong point is its unique style, characterized by its modern shape which makes it a removable corner object. It is therefore placed at the corner of a wall, which saves a lot of space.

The choice of materials made it possible to create this high-quality dressing table with a high-density particle board cover. The legs are made of solid wood and the surface is both smooth and waterproof. This makes the product durable and also very stable.

Another of its advantages is that it is easy to install and adapts to any style of room thanks to its elegant design. There is also a perfectly thick round mercury mirror, which is difficult to scratch and which returns a very clear image. Its drawer and partitions provide you with a lot of storage.

Shape: Its appearance is advantageous for small rooms, as it is placed at the corner of the wall. This is a plus for those who want to save space.

Manufacturing: The choice of materials for the development of this equipment was made by the best brand of dressing tables. Indeed, this furniture is equipped with a covering in high density particle board.

Design: It is a very elegant object that adapts with all styles of bedroom.

The cons

Color: The varnish finish of the wood creates warm tones, which could not match with the dark shades.

Dressing table with mirror

3.VASAGLE Vanity Set Dressing Table with Mirror, 10 Light Bulbs

Do you want to add an elegant touch to your home? No need to compare the characteristics of this piece of furniture with those of other models, because from the first glance, you will quickly be won over.

This dressing table comes with a high quality and also very comfortable upholstered stool, an oval mirror which has a dimmable switch, powered by a low voltage adapter, to be able to install LED lights all around. It is also composed of 5 drawers which offer a large space for the storage of your accessories, make-up, jewelry and cosmetic products.

Another of its strengths is the fact that it is an easy to install piece of equipment, you can assemble it yourself without having to call a technician. Technically speaking, the table has dimensions of 80 cm x 40 cm x 75 cm, as for the chair, it is 40 cm x 30 cm x 48 cm.

For the

Stylish: If you still do not know which dressing table to choose to decorate your interior, this very elegant set could make you happy.

Accessorized: The 80 cm x 40 cm x 75 cm table is accompanied by a very comfortable 40 cm x 30 cm x 48 cm stool.

Spacious: This item has 5 drawers that provide ample storage space for your cosmetics, jewelry, and other items.

The cons

Finish: Even if, seen from a distance, this piece of furniture is very pretty to look at, when it is examined, one can note that the paint which is used as coating is not well applied and has runs. 4. Mecor Dressing Table Makeup Table with Stool

This model is made of MDF particle board and pine. It is therefore robust and its coating allows it to be smooth to the touch. It is also equipped with a large central oval mirror and 2 other mirrors on each side, which can be folded up 180 °.

The assembly can even rotate 360   °. This design allows the user to prepare with a wider visibility. The frame of the triple mirror is decorated with flower patterns and gives the cabinet an elegant appearance. It can therefore be placed in the bedroom and embellish the house.

But this piece of furniture is also practical, because it has 7 drawers of various sizes which are intended for storing jewelry, cosmetics and objects for make-up and toiletry. The 90cm long and 40cm wide table can be used as a desk when the top of the dressing table is disassembled. A comfortable velvet stool matching the model also equips you to put you at ease during your make-up session.

For the

Quality: The pine and MDF particle boards with which this piece of furniture was designed give it great wear resistance and sturdiness that allows it to last over time. In addition, its seat demonstrates absolute comfort thanks to its very soft velvet cover.

The design: It has an elegant and modern appearance with its 3 mirrors, its drawer handles with glossy appearance as well as its floral motifs. Thus, the model can be a decorative element in the bedroom.

Practicality: Its assembly is easy and thanks to its 7 drawers, you can store all your objects and cosmetic products.

The cons

Stability: Some users have complained that the stool’s legs are not properly secured and cannot really hold in place.

This piece of furniture will allow you to have a corner just for you in order to put on make-up in better conditions. It is equipped with a large table in chipboard and melamine veneer which has on the top, 3 open storage compartments that can accommodate different products such as varnishes, creams and perfumes.

To be even more practical, it has 2 large drawers which are intended to keep items safe. You will thus avoid losing useful and valuable accessories such as your jewelry for example. In addition, the model also has a frameless mirror with 2 foldable sides to see your makeup and hairstyle from various angles.

To make the dressing table stable, it can be fixed to the wall with an anti-tilt system supplied with the cabinet by following simple assembly instructions. It is not imposing and is easy to install in a room with its dimensions of 100 cm in length, 40 cm in width and 142 cm in height.

For the

The mirror: It is large and foldable and its frameless design gives it a little modern touch. In addition, it is very practical, because you can style your hair easily by having a field of vision from different angles.

Storage: In addition to its 2 drawers, the dressing table has 3 compartments to store your toiletry or makeup accessories. You will therefore have everything you need close to you during your preparation.

Maintenance: The model is easy to clean thanks to its table made of melamine panels.The assembly: Its installation may take a little time. It should also be lifted and not pushed when you move it, as its attachments are fragile.

Modern dressing table

Where to buy the best dressing table? This table in silver color with a mirror finish from the Carme brand is a good choice. It is a quality product thanks to its manufacture by hand, from materials such as pine, wood, MDF and mirror.

The furniture has a dimension of 80 x 35 x 75 centimeters for a weight of 20.5 kg. The model is also available in other shades: gray and rose gold. It can be installed in different rooms. But paired with items from the brand such as the Paloma triple mirrors, it will be especially perfect in your bedroom.

The top is ideal for placing your various accessories and for more discreet storage, the table is equipped with a large drawer with a crystal handle. The whole is supported by feet made of black wood, which ensures its stability.

For the

Design : Thanks to the very chic style brought by the mirror finish, the model is a good decorative piece of furniture, no matter the room where you have it.

Assembly : Installing the product is simple, because you just have to assemble the different parts that make it up.

Resistance : The materials used in the construction of this type of furniture guarantee its durability. These include pine, MDF and wood for this one.

The cons

Price: Although it is related to the quality, the amount is considered quite high by some since it can be found cheaper.

Black cabinet dressing table

6.SPSUPE Vanity 4 Storage Drawers, Makeup Set with Large Mirror and Hollow Pattern

The Woltu brand presents this model which combines practicality as well as design. It comes with a mirror with a dimension of 52 x 57 cm and a stool of 40 x 29.5 x 40.5 cm which can support up to 100 kg. The whole weighs 36 kg.

This dressing table is able to store several cosmetic products and accessories, because the cabinet is equipped with 4 shelves, 2 drawers, and a wide top of 108 x 40 x 76cm. Eco-friendly particle board and MDF are the main building materials for the table. In addition to its advanced design to keep the furniture stable, a fixing device keeps your wall and floor away from scratches. 8. KidKraft 76123 Princess Dressing Table and Stool

If you are looking for the best dressing table to prepare a present, the KidKraft brand offers this princess model. Regardless of the age of its future user, this furniture remains functional at all times. The product has a dimension of 80.77 x 42.67 x 105.41 cm for a weight of 12.47 kg.

Solid wood and MDF wood were used in its manufacture. Solid therefore, this dressing table can withstand a load of up to 69.39 kg. The furniture is distinguished by its set of 3 mirrors made of resistant plastic. It also has a central sliding drawer and a stool.

Thanks to clear, step-by-step instructions, the small dressing table is easy to assemble. To avoid all risks, however, its use is recommended for children who are only 3 years old and over. In addition, its quality is assured given the 90 days of guarantees offered by the brand.

For the

Installation : The guide for the assembly of this model is well detailed, which makes its installation simple.

Capacity : Even though it is a piece of furniture for children between 3 and 10 years old, the dressing table can support up to 69.39 kg.

Design: The table is especially popular for its visual: pink and gold with its style similar to similar furniture for older children

The cons

Handling : Some parents find the drawer a bit difficult for the little ones to open and close.

Makeup artist dressing table

7.YADSHENG Dressing Table Makeup Stool Combination

To buy a model of a simple style, here is a dressing table in white color that adapts perfectly to different rooms. It can be placed in the bedroom or in the walk-in closet, depending on your needs.

The dimension of the table is 75 x 40 x 130 cm and that of the chair is: 36 x 28 x 45 cm. The item weighs 28.55 kg in all. This is a sturdy chest of drawers because it is made of MDF. So that you are comfortable when putting on makeup, the stool that comes with the furniture has a comfortable and soft sponge layer.

With its large surface, the piece of furniture can be transformed into a desk. In order not to overload the tray with various objects and to store your beauty accessories and jewelry, it is also equipped with 2 drawers. With the help of a manual, putting the different parts of the product together is simple and does not take a lot of time.

For the

Usage : You can spend several minutes on the stool priming yourself without feeling inconvenienced, as it is provided with a 40mm thick sponge to ensure your comfort.

Strength : It is a very resistant piece of furniture since MDF is the main material used in its design. Also, each leg of the table is 30mm thick.

Convenient: This is no ordinary dressing table, which is only for makeup and hair styling. It can also be used as an office.

The cons

Quality: Buyers have noticed small scratches on some surfaces.

White cabinet dressing table

8.SFFZY Modern Dressing Table with Mirror and Stool

If you are still looking for the best and most sophisticated dressing table on the market, this model may appeal to you. It is a table set with a dimension of 77 × 76 × 40 cm and a stool of 45 × 40 × 30 cm. It has 4 curved legs that ensure its stability.

Also, there are 4 drawers, 2 of which are large, on the underside and 2 smaller ones on the fairly large tray. They can be used for the storage of your various objects and accessories. A large mirror 50 × 40 cm and oval in shape is also visible.

Made with thick and durable engineered wood, this furniture is white in color with pretty pink embellishments. You will not have to spend a lot of time for its assembly, because it screws down quickly and easily. And to top it off, its purchase is good value for money.

For the

Materials : With its recognized qualities, MDF engineered wood is the most efficient for the construction of this type of furniture.

Practical : The number of storage spaces is an undeniable advantage of this product. This gives you more space and will allow you to properly arrange useful accessories and products.

Design: The white color gives elegance to this model and its ornaments offer an exceptional charm.

The cons

Assembly: If there is a slight downside to this article, it will be noted that some holes are not pre-drilled, making its installation difficult.

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