Best Quiet Keyboard

Nowadays, keyboards come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and user preferences are just as varied.

Do you prefer wired or wireless? Portable or more imposes? Fine or voluminous touches? Should it be mechanical?

Do you need a numeric keypad? Do you want LEDs, custom hotkeys, USB pass-through ports, and other gaming keyboard features?

Following our selection, you will discover our buying guide for the best quiet keyboard in which we detail the characteristics that you must take into account when buying a quiet keyboard.

NameAlready Sold RatingPricing
Logitech Craft700+4.5 Check Price
Logitech MX Keys50+4.4 Check Price
Razer BlackWidow Lite500+4.8 Check Price
Apple Magic Keyboard3000+4.7 Check Price
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort500+4.6 Check Price
  1. Logitech Craft

Whether you’re on Windows or macOS, you’re going to love the Craft, a high-end keyboard from Logitech.

It is elegant and its keys have very impressive stability, moreover, the spherical imprint of the keys facilitates the orientation of the fingers. Combining all of this provides an almost perfect typing experience, but those aren’t the Logitech Craftonly benefits of the Craft.

It is backlit, so far nothing surprising, except that it lights up as soon as your hands are detected. Admittedly, this is a small feature, but it allows you to optimize your battery life. This is proof that Logitech has an eye for detail.

Although the touches are superb, it is not the highlight of the Craft. In the upper left corner, you will notice a wheel, which adapts to the application you are using.

Thanks to the latter, you instantly access the functions of the current program, for example, it will allow you to adjust the size of your brush in Photoshop, zoom in on a Word document or increase the volume in Spotify.

The Craft is a keyboard that could make the competition pale.

  1. Logitech MX Keys

For a Logitech keyboard a little cheaper than the Craft (at the top of this comparison) then there is the MX Keys, which is just as good.

The MX Keys is a superb Bluetooth keyboard with a neat design. It has a better feel for the keys than other Logitech office keyboards, with slightly concave keys that guide your fingers toward the center as you type.Logitech MX Keys

The backlight works in conjunction with the built-in proximity sensors, the keys light up when your hands are detected and then turn off automatically when no movement is detected, which saves battery.

It is also possible to adjust the brightness of the backlight according to the ambient light.

However, to avoid having to change the batteries every 10 days, we recommend that you deactivate this feature because it always consumes more energy than if it is not used.

As for the keys of the MX Keys, these are rather solid and this is partly due to the metal plate which provides stability as well as the comfort of the keys and keyboard.

You also benefit from compatibility with Logitech Flow in order to connect up to three devices at the same time, without forgetting that there is Bluetooth connectivity, which therefore means use with mobile devices and tablets.

There is also the version with wrist rest, but the wrist rest can also be purchased separately from Logitech.

  1. Razer BlackWidow Lite

Best known for its accessories and gaming computers, Razer offers us here a keyboard with a magnificent metal finish dedicated to office tasks (although it is perfectly suited to games too).Razer BlackWidow Lite

The BlackWidow Lite is a mechanical keyboard that uses Razer’s orange switches and it comes with a full pack of O-rings that you can put under each key for sound absorption and making it quieter.

It is especially suitable for use under Windows but why not under macOS too. Note, however, that Razer’s Synapse 3 software only works on a PC. The latter allows you to customize the BlackWidow as well as assign shortcuts for specific programs.

This Razer is worth getting used to a mechanical keyboard since in the long term you will gain typing speed and fluidity.

Note however that it is only available in QWERTY and that it is devoid of the numeric keypad.

  1. Cherry DW 9000 Slim

If you feel more comfortable with chiclet keyboards, that is to say very flat, then the DW 9000 Slim will delight you, especially since Cherry is one of the best known and most famous keyboard manufacturers reliable from the market.

Its DW 9000 Slim is an excellent wireless keyboard that offers a first-rate typing experience. As for design, we love its black color and its bronze reflections that frame each key. It is both elegant and practical, it is also available in silver and white.

Its touch is remarkable thanks to its precise scissor mechanism; the strike is very silent. To warn you that the battery needs recharging, the keys will start to flash.

This keyboard has six additional keys: Windows lock, open the browser, decrease and increase the volume, mute, and open the calculator, and you get a numeric keypad.

Be aware that you do not need a USB dongle since this keyboard is also Bluetooth and that it recharges via micro-USB (when connected you can continue to use it).

In both cases, the connections are AES-128 encrypted.

The 9000 Slim is supplied with a matching wireless mouse. 1×1 pixels

  1. Apple Magic Keyboard

It’s the wireless keyboard that comes with all iMacs, but it’s also sold as an accessory. It is one of our favorite Apple products, its minimal design is excellent, it is very functional and its battery has long battery life.

Thanks to its size, it fits perfectly on a small surface, which saves space. We found it to be extremely comfortable and it is incredibly quiet, which is perfect for use in the office or library.

Pairing via Bluetooth is easy and works even with all the latest generation iPads and iPhones.

You could use it with a PC, but with the Mac layout and control buttons, it’s not ideal.

Its standard version is without numeric keypad and the directional arrows are condensed. There is one with a numeric keypad if desired.

  1. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

The Sculpt Comfort is halfway between a full keyboard and a separate keyboard, moreover, it does not adopt the traditional straight line but rather very pronounced curves.

Although the wrist rest is easily removed, once you try it you will not be able to do without its comfort, especially if you type all day.

The mouse in this pack is also beautifully designed with a handy Windows button, which has the same function as the dedicated key on the keyboard. However, you can customize it to launch OneNote, Cortana, Task View, or Virtual Desktop.

The top row of the keyboard includes a table of shortcuts for Windows, and there is a physical shortcut that can activate them.

The keyboard and mouse are not noisy and rather pleasant to use. Overall, the Sculpt Comfort is very good value for money.

Office keyboard buying guide

Whether you prefer high or low keys, it’s all a matter of taste. It can also depend on the space available on your desk, if you need a portable keyboard and if you can skip the number pad, in order to save space.

One of the most important features to take into account is its wired or wireless side. The latter is more practical and portable but that means you have to worry about battery life.

There are also wireless keyboards that are Bluetooth connected and compatible with Android or iOS devices, so they can be used from your smartphone or tablet.

Mechanical or membrane?

Next, you need to determine which type of keyboard is best for you, a mechanical or a membrane keyboard.

The membrane switches (soft keyboard) have several layers of polyester on which there is a printed circuit board, they create an electrical contact when pressing the keys. This kind of keyboard is silent, has a certain tightness, and is less expensive.

The mechanical keyboards themselves are operated by switches located under each key. This type of keyboard has superb longevity, is more comfortable and the typing is faster than those with membranes.

They are generally considered to be precise and responsive. Those using Cherry MX switches are particularly appreciated. However, mechanical keyboards are expensive, large, and noisy.

Mechanical keyboards are especially appreciated by players because of their responsiveness. Also, they often include functions such as LED backlight, USB ports, and keyboard shortcuts for efficient typing.

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