Best Baby Door Jumper 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

If you are a busy parent, you will appreciate any opportunity to have your hands free for a short time, so you can get some housework done or even take a quick break. These baby jumpers adapt easily to any door and give your little one enough entertainment and action to give you the time you need most.

NameAlready Sold RatingPricing
Bright Starts Bounce2600+4.8 Check Price
Jolly Jumper-Super Stand Exerciser-1123000+4.7 Check Price
Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper200+4.6 Check Price
Disney Baby Tiger Shaped Door Jumper700+4.8 Check Price
Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Caravan600+4.7 Check Price

Comparison of baby door jumpers 2022

This Bright Starts Bounce’N Spring Deluxe is a fun treat that includes a teether, two plush toys, and a Bright Starts Baby Door Jumpermirror, all close at hand for short, gripping arms. It even comes with a removable back support cushion to better adapt to small babies.



Jolly Jumper Baby Door Jumper

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser allows your munchkin to move freely in complete safety while improving balance and coordination. The chest-height pocket secures infants as young as three months old if they can hold their heads in the air independently.Jolly Jumper Baby Door Jumper

Baby Einstein baby door jumper

Your child will love the fun nautical theme of the Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery. It offers total freedom Baby Einstein baby door jumperto bounce as it sees fit, and also comes with flashcards loaded with sensors to introduce real-life images and multiple languages.

Disney Baby Tiger Shaped Door Jumper

The Disney is machine washable, which you will appreciate if an explosion of layers occurs during play. It locks in place securely once installed for peace of mind, but it may not fit all doors.Disney Baby Tiger Shaped Door Jumper

Hauck baby door jumper

The Hauck is equipped with a large framed fabric seat that allows your child to bounce, swing or simply relax in comfort for hours and hours. It doesn’t overload your space and stores in the blink of an eye for Hauck baby door jumperinstant entertainment on the go.

Why you need a baby door jumper

If you are a new parent, you know you have almost no time for yourself when you have a baby at home. It is not only a nuisance but also a real threat to your well-being. Research has shown that a little free time can reduce the risk of postnatal depression in new mothers. But how are you supposed to take time for yourself if every time you turn your attention away from your baby, he starts to crawl into an area he shouldn’t? Even if you have baby gates around every corner of your house, your little one will still find it a little tricky to get in. And the truth is, you want your baby to move because it’s good for his development. You wouldn’t mind if you didn’t have to be by her side, whenever he wanted to do some exercise. A solution to this, the baby necklace.

Baby door jumpers can be the answer to all the problems we just covered. They give your little one the chance to move around in a controlled and limited area. This means that you can take some of the time you need, so much. Since you won’t need to hold your baby or guide his actions while he’s in a sweater, you can use your hands to read a book, have a glass of wine, or call that friend to catch up. Without worrying about your baby going away. You can even take the opportunity to do some household chores around the house. You know that your child is safe in his sweater and that he is entertained.

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Baby door jumpers, in particular, are particularly useful because you can install them in almost any door. Unlike traditional jumpers, they take up very little space, both when installing and when packed, which means you can take them with you wherever you go. If you can’t find a babysitter when you require a pedicure, just put your baby in his sweater in a living room door. When you have a baby door jumper, you will not be confined to your home simply because you cannot find child care. As long as your destination has doors, you can bring your baby in and keep it safe and occupied.

Why bouncing is good for your baby

You’ve probably noticed that babies instinctively start to bounce when you put them in your sweater, or that bouncing your little one on your lap when he cries can calm him down in silence. The babies like to bounce, and for good reason. When your child bounces, he receives vestibular stimulation, which is important for his sense of balance and movement. Having a vestibular system in good working order plays a vital role in almost everything our body does, and stimulating it from an early age is good for the development of the child. Bouncing also helps the baby’s kinesthetic awareness, which can help him be a little less clumsy as he ages.

When your baby bounces, almost all of his senses are stimulated, from the hearing to the visual. As the brain works to process all of this information, the child’s sensory integration – his ability to organize messages and get his body to respond accordingly – improves considerably. As your munchkin bounces, its center of gravity changes continuously. He learns to move his muscles to adapt to them, which helps him develop a sense of rhythm and timing, each of which is important for motor skills. Your baby doesn’t just bounce because it’s fun; he also does it because he finds it rewarding to know better when to plant his little feet and when to grow.

Bouncing is also good for a baby’s digestion, which is why you bounce your child every time they have gas or need to burp. Don’t let your baby bounce immediately after a meal. This can cause nausea, just like any type of exercise can cause an upset stomach after eating. Bouncing also improves your baby’s blood circulation, sending oxygen to his brain, making it a good activity to help your baby wake up after a nap. Also, since this is a form of exercise, rebounding can release happy chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin. They are as good for a baby as they are for you.

What to look for in a door jumper

If your little one is tied to his crawling toys, you will need a way to get him to think out of the way when you put him in his sweater. Fortunately, many wall jumpers have toys, stuffed animals, flashcards and other entertaining stimuli for your baby to play with while bouncing. Make sure your jumper has a lot of spring action, too, so that your baby gets a fun boost every time he pushes his little feet off the ground. When it comes to comfort, look for extra-wide leg openings, so that your baby’s pretty chubby legs fit in with plenty of space. You may also want a soft, fluffy seat lining to keep your little one warm.

If your baby has not gone through the development of head control, make sure their jumper has a headrest. Whatever your child’s age, look for a jumper with solid back support, as their small spine is still developing and is quite fragile. You can think of protecting your doors, as well as your little one, and look for a sweater with a bumper that won’t scratch your home.

Since the goal of baby door jumpers is to make life easier, try one that can also attach to trees. That way you can enjoy your precious time outside and give your baby some fresh air. You can also want one with a cover and a machine-washable seat, in case your little one decides to spit in it. Ideally, your jumper only takes a few moments to set up, so your child does not get impatient and get into trouble while you place him or her under the door frame. Make sure your model folds down into a compact size, too, so you can easily throw it in a diaper bag.

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