Best Anti-Decubitus Mattresses Reviews and Buyers Guide 2022

When you have to stay in bed for long periods of time, due to illness or accident, it is not just the illness or the surgery that can be a problem, prolonged bed rest itself can be problematic. be dangerous because it can cause the appearance of lesions called pressure sores. To fight against this, there are various means of prevention such as the application of creams and ointments, the fact of changing position quite frequently, but also the use of special anti-decubitus mattresses. These mattresses can cost a small fortune but above all, we do not know how to choose them. Of course, advice from your doctor would be welcome, but there are also other fairly simple criteria that will help you make the right choice. The type of mattress, its composition, and its dimensions are mentioned in particular. Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress has 17 air layers as well as 9 holes so that there is not much air loss. Then you also have Anti-decubitus Air Pressure Mattress Inflatable Mattress which can support up to 190 kg.

List of Best Anti-Decubitus Mattresses 2022


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5" Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress.



Anti-Decubitus Air Pressure Mattress Inflatable Mattress.



Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical, Cushion Anti-Decubitus Air Mattress.



Comfort Ripple Visco Overlay and Cover for Medium Pressure Risk, Double Bed



Air Pressure Massage Mattress Anti-Decubitus Massage.



1.Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress

Bedsores are likely to appear when you lie down for more than 10 hours in a row in bed. To prevent these pressure ulcers, a specialized medical mattress is needed. These mattresses are designed to emit pressure at various points in order to ensure that the body does not experience these pressures on one point constantly.Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress

The Drive Medical Anti-decubitus Mattress has been specially designed for people who need to lie down for the majority of their day. It is equipped with several features to better control the different pressures in order to best prevent the risk of bedsores.

This mattress has 17 air layers, 9 holes to minimize air loss. This helps optimize patient comfort and better treat pressure ulcers. The pressure is changed regularly so that the patient does not stay too long in a static position.

3 air cells, however, remain stationary at the head of the section in order to better reproduce the cushion function. At the end of the bed, a homogeneous pump regulates the air pressure level. The airflow is 8 liters per minute. The lined springs of the air tubes prevent their constant flow. Finally, the mattress is attached to the shell by strong straps.

The Drive Medical is made of nylon / TPU, a water-resistant, but machine washable material. It deflates in 20 seconds using CPR valves. The dimensions of the mattress are 36 x 80 for 5 inches thick.

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Optimized System: The Drive Medical mattress has several systems optimized to prevent pressure ulcers. The airflow is constant while the head is supported at the optimum height at all times.

Construction Materials: It is made of nylon / TPU for durability and pleasant ease of washing.

  2 Anti-Decubitus Air Pressure Mattress Inflatable Mattress

Bedsores form very quickly in bedridden patients for a very long time on an unsuitable mattress. HXA proposes to improve their quality of life thanks to this anti-bedsore mattress optimized for grade I, II, and II bedsores in patients. It measures 90 x 200 cm and supports a load of up to 190 kg.Anti-Decubitus Air Pressure Mattress Inflatable Mattress

To entertain the pressures of the mattress on the human body, the mattress has 17 individual cells that regularly inflate in a precise turn. Thanks to a pneumatic system, it is able to change pressure ulcers every 10 to 12 minutes to facilitate blood circulation and prevent the formation of bedsores. These cells include an orthopedic system that eliminates air loss as well as moisture.

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The patient will feel exquisite comfort in his bed thanks to the HXA. This pneumatic system is deactivated thanks to the dial to facilitate the dressing application. This same dial is used to manage the air pressure circulating between the cells of the mattress. The flow rate is 6 to 8 liters per minute to keep the atmosphere clean and prevent bacteria from remaining.

So that the patient keeps the head always upright, 3 cells placed at the level of the head remain static. Thus, unwanted bending and curving of the neck are not likely to occur. The mattress is made from eco-friendly PU nylon, topped with a cotton lining. The cover is combined with CA117 flame retardant fabric, resists water and water vapor, and prevents unwanted liquid intrusion. A zipper makes it easy to remove from the package for installing and washing the mattress.

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Pneumatic system: Thanks to the pneumatic system of the mattress, the contact points between the body and the bed are constantly changing. It can be deactivated with a button using the dial to make it easier to put on dressings or consult the doctor.

Modern manufacturing materials: The fabric of the cover, as well as the mattress itself, are made from ecological materials: nylon PU and cotton. They do not retain moisture and are water-resistant while being easily washable.


3 Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical, Cushion Anti-Decubitus Air Mattress 

Fall Healthcare helps patients feel better in bed with their Cushion Anti-decubitus Air Mattress. When you have to spend a very long time in bed, pressure ulcers can develop. It is a skin lesion that can even affect bone if not properly treated.Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical, Cushion Anti-Decubitus Air Mattress 

To prevent these ulcers, the Cushion Anti-decubitus Air Mattress includes a deep-contoured pad insert for more decompression. Thus, the pressure is distributed evenly over the mattress to prevent the patient from resting on specific points at all times. It is ideal for patients at high risk of pressure ulcers. The mattress does not need to be turned over to reduce frequent manual handling.

The cover is made of a waterproof stretch polyurethane with a reinforced coating. It has been welded at high frequency, thus increasing its quality of protection against liquid infiltration. The zipper is covered by a tarpaulin to protect it. The cushion features deep profiling to enhance pressure relief. It is made from an eco-friendly nylon blend, with 7-9% cotton. The mattress is antibacterial and anti-mite completely eliminates the risk of lung allergy.  

Fall Healthcare Healthcare’s Cushion Anti-decubitus Air Mattress adapts the patient’s back and spine to maintain an upright shape during bed rest. For patients requiring the right bed for their convalescence, this offers the best quality/price ratio of the entire range of Anti-decubitus beds. This mattress is both ecological and sanitary, prevents the appearance of pressure ulcers, and treats ulcers already in the advanced stage.

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Environmentally friendly material: This mattress from Fall Healthcare is among the most recommended by doctors. It is also very popular with hospitals and is also suitable for home treatments.

Durability: It retains all of its pressure distribution properties for up to several months in a row.

 4 Comfort Ripple Visco Overlay 

This model from NRS Healthcare is not really an Anti-decubitus mattress, but rather an anti-decubitus topper. It means that you are not going to put it on a bed or just on the floor, but rather on a mattress. The advantage of such a model is that it saves you a lot of expense, firstly by its price which is much cheaper than conventional anti-decubitus mattresses, but also by the fact that you no longer need to buy him a special bed.Comfort Ripple Visco Overlay 

Even though it is a mattress topper with a core made of compressed air, this is a static “Anti-decubitus mattress”. You cannot change the pressure of the air contained in it and its firmness as you wish since it is not equipped with an electric pump.

And since it is static and not a dynamic mattress, it is intended for the prevention of the occurrence of pressure ulcers, even for people at high risk, but not for their treatment.

However, even if it is not equipped with an electric pump to change the air pressure easily as desired, it still comes with a pump that allows you to inflate it effortlessly and in no time. of time. Its surface is also vapor-permeable to prevent sweating and moisture build-up and it is also easy to clean.

Which Anti-decubitus mattress to choose? If you already have a mattress and want to provide it with anti-decubitus properties, then NRS Healthcare Nottingham Rehab should meet your needs.

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Easy inflation: The mattress has a pump that allows rapid and effortless inflation it. The operation takes only a few seconds. The pressure points are then distributed evenly over the entire mattress for optimal efficiency.

Convenient: Thanks to a vapor-permeable surface, the patient will not be bothered by sweating and moisture accumulation, and thus enjoy more comfort. It is also easy to clean.

  1. Air Pressure Massage Mattress Anti-Decubitus

We offer you a dynamic, inexpensive Anti-decubitus mattress model that has convinced us by the value for money it offers.Air Pressure Massage Mattress Anti-Decubitus

Indeed, the FMOGE.

ess equipped with 130 independent air cells, which allows, in theory, to adjust the pressure of each of them according to the weight it supports, which offers better support. to every area of ​​your body.

These alveoli are programmed to inflate and deflate automatically following a cycle that lasts 8 minutes thanks to the automatic pump attached to this mattress. This periodicity makes it possible to constantly relieve the pressure felt by the user and to promote blood circulation, which therefore makes it possible to fight against the appearance of bedsores in people who have to remain in bed for very long hours without being able to move.

What we also like about this model is that it is very easy to clean since it is made of medical PVC, a material that can be cleaned without great effort, and which therefore allows maintaining good hygiene for the patient. The only small downside to this mattress is that it has a maximum load of 100 kilograms, so it is not suitable for people who have a heavier weight.

Are you looking for an effective but less expensive Anti-decubitus mattress? You will find what you are looking for with the FMOGE, a model with an excellent price-performance ratio equipped with 130 air cells and an automatic pump.

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Independent air cells: The FMOGE has 130 air cells, the pressure of which can be adjusted independently, depending on the weight supported. An automatic pump inflates and deflates each cell during an 8-minute cycle. Each area will benefit from better support and the areas most susceptible to pressure ulcers will be more relieved.

Medical PVC: The use of this material for the design of the FMOGE allows for easier cleaning, with hygiene being a primary factor in keeping the patient in good health.





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