Best 1 Person Mattresses Of 2022

Bedding must meet certain conditions to ensure a comfortable sleep. Indeed, to be able to stay in shape, the bed plays a very important role. In this article, we offer you different 1-seater mattresses with their description so that you can make your choice. There is for example Cool Gel which is an air bed able to protect you from soil moisture. It is also delivered with a transport bag to allow you to take it everywhere. You will also like Active Era which is very soft because of its padded envelope and practical with its removable cove.

List of Best 1 Person Mattresses Of 2022


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Air Mattress Bed with Rechargeable Pump and Built-in Foot Pump.



Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised.



Flippable and Adjustable Memory Foam Mattress - Firm and Soft Sides - 10 inch (Queen).



Certipur-US Memory Foam Sleeping Mattress Most Comfortable Camping Mattress.



Air Mattress with Built-in Pump - Puncture Resistant.



Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover (Twin)



Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, 10'' H, Queen, Blue



MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress



Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress with 2 Bonus Pillows |



  1 Air Mattress Bed with Rechargeable Pump and Built-in Foot Pump bed.

Do you want to purchase an inflatable mattress for 1 person with an integrated pump? This model might impress you with its various features. For example, it allows easy storage. Indeed, this pneumatic bed comes with a nylon bag that will serve as a support for optimal storage.   1 Air Mattress Bed with Rechargeable Pump and Built-in Foot Pump bed.

It can therefore be transported for your travels, campsites by car, lunch at the office and many other occasions. You just need to fold it after rolling it. This device can also be useful for receiving guests. Its upper is flocked, comfortable and waterproof. 

The contact with the skin is very pleasant because its surface is very soft to the touch. Since this product is easy to clean, no detergent or washing machine is needed, a damp cloth may be sufficient when washing. With its size of 191 x 100 x 23 cm, you will have enough space to spend a dream night.

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Simple storage: After being defeated, don’t worry about finding where to put this mattress. To store it, you just have to roll it up, fold it up and then put it in its nylon bag.

Multifunctional: Thanks to its integrated air pump, you will be able to inflate this bed in just 3 minutes. It can then accompany you for all your trips to the office, traveling, camping, and for other occasions.

Comfortable: Thanks to its flocked top, the contact with the skin is very soft.

 2 Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Internal Pump (2021 Model)

To buy a mattress, you must take care to look at its description before validating your choice. it comes with dimensions of 191 x 99 x 42 cm, which is spacious enough for one person. Made with various materials including PVC, CU, ABS, rayon and polyester, it is a very resistant and robust product that allows prolonged use over time. 2 Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Internal Pump (2021 Model)

Its weight of only 4.07 kg makes it easy to transport. Once folded, you can therefore take it everywhere with you, whether at work for a nap, on a camping trip or on a trip. 

Thanks to the integrated electric inflator, you can fill it with air in just a few minutes. It is also equipped with FiberTech technology which will offer you a peaceful night in comfort. In addition, it has a pillow included allowing you to rest completely.

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Quick filling: To the delight of its users, the Intex brand has accompanied this product with an electric inflator so that it can be operational a few minutes after being unpacked.

Safety: This item comes with a 2-year warranty. During this period, you will benefit from assistance in the event of a problem for optimal use.


 3 Flippable and Adjustable Memory Foam Mattress – Firm and Soft Sides – 10 inch (Queen).

Don’t waste your time comparing the different mattresses that come your way. After reading the descriptions of this bed provided by Milliard, you will immediately be won over. Made of high-quality foam with a density of 26 kg / m³, your back will be the first to thank you.  3 Flippable and Adjustable Memory Foam Mattress - Firm and Soft Sides - 10 inch (Queen).

This item guarantees you a long-term comfortable night’s sleep. It is offered to you at a very attractive price. Its practicality is evident in its removable cover. Indeed, you have the chance to wash its envelope as you wish for perfect hygiene. It suffices to put it in the machine at a temperature of 95 ° C. 

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Its design is very original because of its reverse wave stitching as well as its finish with the braid of the brand itself. Its ease of maintenance makes it ideal for people with allergies. With its lightweight, this product is easily transportable.

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Price: The reduced cost of this item is very beneficial to him, as anyone can purchase it.

Functional: As well as being a quick-maintenance commodity, it also has a lightweight that allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

Composition: To ensure the comfort of its users, this product has been made of 100% polyurethane foam and it has an H3 density which makes it both firm and soft.

Certipur-US Memory Foam Sleeping Mattress Most Comfortable Camping Mattress.

For those who wish to make use of an inexpensive bed, this 90 by 190 cm mattress is a good alternative. Designed with a foam structure, it is both comfortable and sturdy that can support a large load. With a thickness of 13 cm, this model is made of polyurethane and has aCertipur-US Memory Foam Sleeping Mattress Most Comfortable Camping Mattress hypoallergenic and orthopedic character.

Tests carried out have made it possible to classify this mattress as being a class 1 medical device. At the heart of this accessory is a non-deformable material that quickly returns to its original appearance even if it has been folded. 

In addition to this water foam layer, the mattress also has a perimeter band obtained with a breathable fabric that does not retain moisture. With a weight of 4.72 kg, it moves easily and settles on a bed without apparent difficulty.

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Orthopedic Accessory: This mattress is suitable for people who suffer from back pain or who need to be bedridden for some time.

Water foam layer: This component allows this accessory to instantly regain its initial shape even after being folded.

Comfortable: The item is strong enough to support a person’s weight, but also just enough not to appear rigid.

1 person inflatable mattress with integrated electric inflator

 5  Air Mattress with Built-in Pump – Puncture Resistant Air Bed with Waterproof Flocked Top – Elevated Inflatable Mattress Queen, Single, Twin

For lovers of air mattresses for 1 person, here is a model that may please you both in terms of comfort and performance. Thanks to a hood flocking with several layers, this accessory offers quality sleep. This air mattress can support a maximum load of 136 kg allowing it to be adapted to people with an imposing size. 5  Air Mattress with Built-in Pump - Puncture Resistant Air Bed with Waterproof Flocked Top - Elevated Inflatable Mattress Queen, Single, Twin

To assemble it, it comes with a 120 V electric pump to fill or discharge the air in the mattress. Between 3 and 4 minutes, you can already turn off the air once you get the firmness you want. The power cable has a storage compartment that prevents it from being easily lost.

The top surface of the mattress has a waterproof layer that does not retain moisture. Its dual-layer design allows it to keep and regain its shape quickly, regardless of the treatment.

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The supported load : If you weigh less than 136 kg, our advice will guide you to this 196x97x47 cm mattress capable of supporting your weight without becoming deformed.

The electric pump : No need to tire yourself out buying this accessory separately since it is supplied with the mattress.

The carry bag : To move with the mattress during trips and vacations, this item also has a storage case to make your job easier.

Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover (Twin)

Fans of foldable mattresses will also find their joy in this selection thanks to this product that perfectly meets your expectations. Its foam structure is ideal for getting a good night’s sleep, wherever you are. In addition to offering great comfort, the foam is famous for its therapeutic virtue and its pleasant hold.Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover (Twin)

The mattress consists of an 11.5 cm thick foam with a density of 35 kg as well as an appearance memory foam 3.5 cm thick with a density of 45 kg. It also comes with a very soft detachable cover made of jacquard fabric with a non-slip underside.

Its ventilated design also allows it to offer better air circulation, ranking it as the best performing item. With a length of 190 cm and a width of 90 cm, the mattress can easily accommodate a large person.

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Practical: Its foldability is a great asset when you have to go somewhere with a mattress to sleep.

Healthy: Certified without CFCs (which is one of the most destructive substances of the ozone layer), choosing this product is a laudable gesture because it helps fight against climate change.

Shape memory: After being flexed for transport or storage, this mattress quickly regains its original appearance.

7 Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, 10” H, Queen, Blue

Still, looking for the best 1-person mattress on the market? Here is a suitable model to get back to sleep. Designed from water foam foam with shape memory, this mattress easily gains its original state. It is sold with a cervical pillow made of the same material and with characteristics similar to the mattress.Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, 10'' H, Queen, Blue

With medium rigidity, it can withstand a load of up to 130 kg. The wavy inner layer provides a massaging effect once you are on it. To offer optimal balance to your body, it has 7 differentiated zones that adjust the surface of the mattress.

The coating can be removed for washing and the fabric has a hypoallergenic and anti-mite character. With a length of 190 cm and a width of 90 cm, this mattress weighs 12.84 kg.

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Thickness: Thanks to the multiple layers that make up this accessory, its density and rigidity give you a good quality of sleep.

The fabric: The treatment given to this component allows it to effectively repel mite attacks and dust that can stick to it.

Massaging effect: The configuration of the inner layer is used to provide a powerful body massage once you are on the mattress.

 8 MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

Comfort will be at the rendezvous during your campsites with the self-inflating mattress for camping from the Therm-a-Rest brand. This is the model to take with you for your expeditions to places with fairly low temperatures. Thanks to its many layers, it retains body heat so that you have a pleasant night’s sleep.MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

Its sleeping surface is both smooth and supple to suit different body types and its solidity is ensured by each carefully welded seam. With the help of an insulating TPU coating, the mattress is easily cleaned and the risk of it tearing is quite minimal. This waterproof mattress inflates and deflates quickly, without enormous effort.

The presence of straps helps you compress it better. Its weight is around 2.4 kg, and it is also thanks to this aspect that it is easily transported. To match everyone’s tastes, it is available in several colors.

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Extendable: With side buttons, it is possible to associate the product with another extra mattress for 1 person, and thus form a single bed of a larger size.

Weight: This accessory weighs only 2.4 kg, an ideal weight for hikers. 

Design: In terms of comfort, the model meets all expectations. You will spend very warm nights there, without any back pain.

9 Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

To help you find where to buy the best single mattress, here is an original model with a dimension of 90 x 190 cm and a thickness of 25 cm. It is also available in other sizes, depending on your needs. It is a shape memory bed that perfectly matches the shape of the body to provide you with maximum comfort during your nights.Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

Its interior is padded with Airgocell foam. The latter is a very recent material that also contributes to the protection of the article. So that humidity does not reach its main structure, and for optimal ventilation, it is covered with a thermoregulatory cover. It corresponds to the measurements of the mattress since it is very stretchy.

It is high standard manufacture with Cool Gel certification which attests to its quality. The various checks carried out on the product reinforce this design, hence it’s status as the best 1-person mattress among consumers

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Guarantee: 100 nights of the trial are offered when you decide to buy the product, in order to be able to test it for the long term before closing the sale.

Thickness: With its padding and structure, it is 25 cm thick to provide you with maximum comfort.


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